Sunday, September 18, 2011


Wow my last update was in January, that's really sad because so much has happened since then I really don't know where to begin!  I've been to three conventions, two of them massive ones, I've broken up with a couple guys, picked up my absolute dream job, and met so many fantastic people!
Lets see, good news first shall we?  The job.  It happened totally by accident, I mean they write stories and this is how it happens, the real world isn't this way.  I was a my local comic convention (in Revy) and Eric, who is one of the main writers for G2 Comics, just stopped me and said he had a new series they were going to be launching and he wanted me to be her.  Yea.  Simple as that.  I didn't try out for a part or do anything, I was just at a con being a fan and somehow, magically, landed the job of my dreams.  Of course that lead into me being able to create *another* costume, and then being taken to Wizard World Chicago with them.  I'll have to write a separate post for WWCC because it was an experience in itself and I had so much fun!  Eric, Daniel, I cannot wait to do it again, you both were so much fun!  Best part of it is, they liked me enough that they are taking me to Wizard World Mid-Ohio with them (so if you're gonna be there swing by the G2 Comics booth and say hello!)  And of course since I'm the character, take a look.  G2 Comics, I'm Kross from the upcoming series Kross and Vengeance.  And yes, that's me.  The pics were taken by and edited by Daniel Gracey who is, obviously, insanely talented!  (A few more are on my Flickr if you'd like to see more.)

 But speaking of conventions, I said I've attended three this year and you already know about two.  So drumroll ladies and gentlemen, I finally made it to Dragon*Con.  Oh yea, that's right.  And let me tell you, if you ever get the opportunity to go, do it.  It was an experience I will never forget.  Again it will have to have its own post because the time I was there was just so cram packed I know if I start on it I'll just get sidetracked.  But brief recap, I debuted a new costume, finally found a good Spidy for my Black Cat, met some new friends who I already miss terribly (an yes we're already plotting for next year!) saw so many amazing costumes.  The who thing was just overwhelming but so much fun.  And since I have pictures from that Spidy/Black Cat shoot, I'll share.  All of these were taken by my and Austins (Spiderman) other roommate for the Dragon weekend Brian, who some of you probably know as Brizy from Brizy Comics.  You can check out his coverage of the weekend (and catch a couple glimpses of myself *coughDragonCon10cough*) on his YouTube channel.  And as always more pics are available on my Flickr.

But life hasn't been all good.  I broke up with the guy who I'd been friends with since high school and dated for a year back Feb/March which forced me to move out of the Apt I'd been renting.  Part of me is happier here with my parents again though I'm ready to have some space of my own.  I was missing the animals horribly, and the fact that I could hear people up and moving I could never get used to.  To much of a country girl I suppose.  After that their was a short fling with another guy but alas I'm way to much a free spirit (and apparently 'not clingy enough') and as always that didn't work out.  Seems to be a trend with me.  Ah well, a long time ago I decided I'd probably end up a crazy cat lady.  Their have been a couple guys I've talked to over the summer, but only one of which do I feel any real possible spark with.  Of course I'm about 75% sure he's not digging me quite the same way.  Which again is cool, crazy cat lady ftw!
Well, for the moment I do believe I'm going to sign off, hopefully with being done moving and only one Con left on the horizon my schedule will free up a bit and I can get back in the swing of updating this thing.  But one last parting gift, a couple more pics (sorry the debut costume from Dragon  has yet to show up in pics so I'll leave her for you to guess on!)  Here's a couple more of my Black Cat, first two are with Chris as the Green Arrow at WWCC.  And before you say anything we're well aware I'm Marvel he's DC, we were still asked to pose together, and the others are from the debut of the costume.  Major thanks to my friend at Jon Hensen Photography for the pics!  So here's till next time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More costume chatter!

Well let's see where to begin?  The closest con and work my way toward the end of the year you say?  That can be arranged.  As I said in a previous post I have plans to be Soma and Pip is going to be Lau for the Victorian Ball at KawaKon.  Unfortunately both costumes are rather slow moving at the moment.  Partially because my sewing machine is still hiding at my mothers (should be delivered to me tomorrow unless we get more snow) but of course I need fabric before I can bother with the sewing of it.  And when I went to the fabric store I didn't find anything that really suited what I was thinking.  Everything I found that was the right shade had to much of a nap or to much obvious of a weave so I left basically empty handed.  I'm supposed to meet my mom tomorrow and we're going to go see what we can find, she has a bit more impartial (and a lot more experienced) view of things so hopefully they either have new stock in or at least she can find something. 
Now as for Soma's wig, I'm at an impasse.  I wanted purple.  His hair is obviously purple.  But the shade of purple for the wig I want seems very... fake.  Well I mean of course it does its purple, but it doesn't have a natural hue to it.  That still probably isn't making good sense.  If you look at my Kusanagi (now mind you she was a lot more expensive then what Soma's wig will be) she was hand dyed to purple.  She has depth.  I'm somewhat afraid Soma won't have that depth.  Of course I can always add in some lowlights to it right?  Yea lets keep telling myself that.
As for Lau, little progress has been made.  I haven't dyed the frogs I bought yet, partially because I don't want to dye them to dark and the red I buy for the trim not match.  And other then his shoes and wig, which I have managed to find online, that's about all that's been done.  Of course his costume has far less detail on it, so I'm a lot less worried about his.  Here's the wig we're thinking about getting.  I know it had those reddish highlights in it, but I read about this technique, and I think I can dye it a bit darker.  And restyling it to be smoother should be easy.

But I figure I'll wear Revy or V or some other costume again because my list for D*C had exploded and I need to save my pennies and nickles for that.
Let's see here's the list as it stands now.  Belle-Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom Shoot, Belle- 50's pin up shoot, Belle- swimsuit shoot.  Hawkeye- Marvel group shoot, possibly for Avengers shoot, depends we're trying to not do duplicates and I think I already saw someone signed up, but it could be the male Hawkeye I didn't look that close.  Sailor V for a V/Neptune shoot, other scouts are welcome please e-mail me if your interested!  We're also doing a Princess version of the scouts and need others for that as well!  Madame Mirage, just because I want to.  And a version of Harley for a special shoot with another SCF'er.... of course a lot of these are with her but details, details.  This art is by Northern Banshee and you can find it here on deviantart.  Of course since Harley is DC I'll probably wear this to the group DC shoot as well. 

But I think that's all... all I can think of anyway.  I may have gotten myself in over my head...we'll see.  Pip doesn't have quite as much on his plate, which is good because if I had to make a zillion for him I think I'd cry.  He's been drafted as Shang for the 50's and swimsuit shoot that my Belle is in.  He would be in the Defenders shoot, but its kinda a girls only since no males were included in the original art.  And even though the picture above only shows Harley and Ivy we're adding some more villains, and I believe he's set for Hush.  He gets to steampunk a bunch of stuff so at least I won't be the only one working.  But I should back up and give you a bit of detail about each of these costumes, ne?
Belle I think I have talked about before, but the swimsuit and 50's shoot are newer ideas.  The swimsuit kinda came from the one who is heading up the shoot finding a green swimsuit that she thought Tiana would wear, and since we're slated for the shoot happening at a pool it kinda made since to do a but of an AU shoot.  The 50's thing happened much the same way, kinda us pondering what else we could do with the characters and we're both fans of the pin up look.  I have what I'm planning on wearing to all those shoots either found or a pattern found for it.  Pip and I are still in debate as for what Shang will wear.  I said a gray pair of swimtrunks and a jacket a la this picture.

We'll see what ends up happening.  I have a mild direction for him for the 50's shoot but we'll see if he'll go for it.
Hawkeye I think I've talked to death in previous posts so I'll skip her and move on to the V/Neptune thing.  At the moment its just us, and obviously we have a lot of spaces to fill.  But if no one shows up, or if we have the time we were planning some 'what if' pics.  As some of you probably saw on my flickr, the first time I wore V we ran with the idea that she and Tuxedo Mask had a thing going on before he and moon got together.  All inspired by this particular bit of art.

So V, being the goddess of love... or maybe just a slut is doing the same with Neptune behind Uranus's back.  Of course the problem is how to make it look like that.  If we had a Uranus cosplayer then I can come up with a few shots.  I was thinking maybe have one of our phones show an incoming call from 'Uranus' or have some item of hers there.  Thing with that is nothing comes to mind for Uranus, save her sword, and as good as I am at coming up with 'what if's' I can't seem to make up a reason why either of us would have her sword.  And this is Codename Sailor V we're talking about, not the usual V, so its going to be weird anyway.  And if that's not enough Sailor goodness for you, we're doing the princess versions too.  Now as you fans know, Codename doesn't have a princess dress, so yours truly is designing one for her.  Some of you may remember my sketch for a tango dress for her that never quite managed to be made, well I'm using that as a starting point but I haven't put pen to paper for sketches yet, I'll post them when I do.
Madame Mirage, is the only costume that has seen any real work.  Pip just so happened to have a small, and I mean small airsoft that he got in a two pack when he needed one for his Amun costume.  Funny thing is, that's the exact one the artist must have used for reference when they drew her gun.  So all we have to do is paint the lil bugger and add on some stenciling and we're done.  Fun part is, we can't agree on how to do the stenciling.  I say just paint it on. 

It may not have the depth it has in this picture, but I won't have to worry about damaging an applique when I toss it in a holster.  Now I do agree that something glued on to the barrel will look neat for pictures but I guess I just see something that could go wrong way to easily.   But we have got some work done on painting the gun itself.

It still needs whatever we decide to put on it as a design, and a good coat of poly but the bulk of the work is done.
And last and not least is the Harley.  I've always liked her, never was a big fan I usually strayed to Ivy, Catwoman, and Huntress, and Batwoman if it was the right comic.  But in the animated show I loved her, the mallets and bazooka's were awesome.  Anyway she hit me up the other night about needing a Harley for a photo and when she linked it I fell in love.  I love the almost old west feel of the picture, but we could so easily make it steampunk (which is the idea) that it will be an absolute riot to wear.  And I've already found someplace to buy my hat, mask, wig, and shoes for that outfit.  All I need is the fabric.  ^_^  But since I added Harley I think I'm going to have to put Ghost on the back burner for awhile.  I man we'll see how things go money wise.  If I have the cash to do it and do it right, you can damn well believe I'll be sporting it around.  But since she is one of my favorite characters I want to do it justice so I may have to hold off till next year to wear it.  But as always stay tuned, I'm sure to post if she's a go or not closer to the convention.