Thursday, March 14, 2013

Costume update!

So been working on a couple of new costumes, as always.  Currently I'm trying to get my Marvel Girl finished up in time for a convention next weekend.  I have a couple days off work between then and now so lets cross our fingers.  I think all that's left is some detail work on the belt, a last bit of paint on the soles of the shoes, boot covers, a few seams on the leotard (plus redoing the entire neckline to match hers), and gloves.  And I've never made gloves in my life.  Yea looks like I'm gonna be doing a few late nights.  I have quite a few progress pics of it on my Flickr, I'll hopefully post some finished shots after the con next week.

Now I've also been working on some upcoming costumes, I have a Zatanna in progress for a con midsummer which I'm thrilled for though by the looks of things I'm gonna burn up wearing.  Hard to believe that you'll be hot wearing so little am I right?  Thing is she is in quite a few layers, though at first it doesn't seem it.  Well okay I'll take that back, it depends on what version of her you decide to make as to how many layers you'll be suffering in.  And I keep playing around with a White Phoenix costume.  I can't get the emblem on her chest to look right.  I want it a mix of the two that you always see, I don't like one because it just looks like a triangle, and the other is somehow off.  That and I don't like the version with the black underneath.  We'll see if I can ever get anything sketched out that satisfies me.

The one I'm currently researching like crazy is Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft.  I have an idea of the material I want to make it out of, though I'm not sure how I can get all the colors right, I don't know if it will take paint very well.  But the thing I'm more excited about is using EL tape to make it glow, though I'm running into a few issues with it.  Her suit is skin tight, which I don't have any issue with, but I can't figure out where to hide the battery pack.  My first thought was to do something a bit awkward and just have it in my top between my boobs.  Then I thought about it and well, how could I turn it off?  The suit will go up my neck, not like I can just toggle it off and on at will.  I mean yes I can run to the bathroom to do it, but lines are long at any con for the bathroom, and I have no idea where the seams will actually be yet, so I may very well need a hand to get into it.  My next thought was to hide it in my shoe, if she wore a wedge heel then I could use a regular heel and hide it there and cover it with material.  Then I talked to the bf who told me for a better reference picture of the Ghost uniform to go hunt down some Nova art.  So I did.  Nova is heels (yay!) but there goes that idea.  So now I'm back to square one, which means back to my fit that even with the release of Heart of the Swarm I still can't get any reference pictures.  Really Blizz?  I'd love a model of her, life is so much easier when making a costume if I have a figure to get down and inspect.  If anyone has an idea or suggestions, OR knows a damn thing about EL tape I'll take some pointers.  All I've learned so far is I'm gonna need it to be a parallel and not a split.