Thursday, May 23, 2013


          So I really should be in bed, but I wanted to post this.  As a lot of you who follow me on twitter already know I was at Port City Pop Con a couple weekends back, ordinarily I would give a rundown of what happened at the convention, but perhaps another time.  Let me simply say that was a very enlightening trip for me and since I've returned I've had some time to think.  And I've decided that I'm gonna throw myself deeper in the costume community and see if I can't really go pro doing this.  Sure I've made costumes for other people, so I guess in way I already am, but I mean get paid to go to cons and sign autographs.  Actually be doing something I love and getting paid for it.  I gave my first autograph while I was there, and that was kinda the tip of the iceberg.  The guy was in a phenomenal Jack Sparrow costume and he wanted my autograph?  I was like huh?  What?  I'm still kinda weirded out by it in some ways.  I'm no celebrity, I mean yes I just got through saying I wanted to get paid to do this, but I never want to come across as anyone that you can't come up to and start a conversation with.  And I feel so many people have that stigma with celebrities.
          Alright, some other stuff did happen, and once I get some down time (if ever!)  I want to sit down and give a proper update, until then though, twitter is the best way to keep up with me.  So if you don't have me friended do so!


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