Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just another post

Well as I've decided what I am going to for Halloween I've also got my con schedule ready. This year since I have some from previous cons I can cut back on the constant making of costumes and only premier one per con, which means I am going to be working on other peoples costumes. I believe I'll have to do most of my finacee's (he's doing his own props tg) but I may also have to be doing my brothers. So looks like I'm not going to get a real break from the sewing machine.
On the upside I the plan is to hit about six cons, all starting with AnimeSTL which is in March and one a month till the big blow out of Otakon in Aug. I dunno if I will be able to attend the con in June though because a friend of mine is going to be married and of course its the same weekend.
I've also picked up a sorta part time job in writing for a cosplay magazine. I won't be paid but at the same time I will have some of my work out there which looks great on a resume. I'll post more on it as I know more.
Lets see as of right now here's how the costumes are looking:
Halloween- Nariko: still in need of a sword, fabric, leather and paint. But I already have paint for the fabric, wonderflex for the belt, and a pattern
AnimeSTL- Howl: since I was going to do this costume and ran out of time I have the supplies I just need to make the jacket and work on the wig and tweak a few little things
Mireille- I need to dye her shirt and make the skirt, polish the shoes I'm wearing and decide what wig looks best for her not to mention that now that I have some time before I'm going to be in it that I decided that I'm going to make her purse too so I have to do all of that
The rest of my costumes I may have little pieces here and there done but I still have the bulk of them to do. oh joy
As for the Akabane costume, its down to a hat and a trench (thankfully he already had a black tie and all).