Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More drabble

Worked on the skirt a bit last night.  Have the darts in it, which is mainly thanks to the assistance of my mother.  Yes she was a seamstress and yes she helps out once and awhile, and this was one of those things that I couldn't do by myself.  I mean I could have but I would have had to take it off and put it on a thousand times to see if the darts were placed even and enough was taken up blah blah blah.  Having her pull up what needed to be darted while I was wearing it saved me a lost of frustration.  Now all that's left is pulling out part of the seam near the bottom of the zipper and re-doing it and putting in a hem.  And I plan on hemming the liner and the outer layer of fabric seperate so I may have made more work for myself I unno, I think it will hang better if I do it that way.  

That's really all I got done by the way of costumes yesterday, I spent most of my time in the kitchen.  I made some blueberry muffins and then I made a sugar scrub and a rice water toner.  o.O Yes I know how to make that, I'm hoping it will brighten up my skin a bit before the con.  I mean I have a month. 


Basically pour however much rice you want in a bowl (I put in enough to cover the bottom and maybe a 1/4 in up the side?  The bowl I was using is deceptivly deep) then pour in water.  You want it to cover the rice by a good inch.  Then stir till its milky.  Pour it into a container of your choice and cook the rice and eat it or pitch it or whatever.  We'll see how well it works.  As for the scrub, this is all it requires:

Its 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and a 1/2 cup of sugar.  The extra virgin olive oil is a must.  No virgin, no plain olive oil, a definately no cooking oil!  The wicked thing about the extra virgin olive oil is that you can use it to remove eye makeup too.  With my skin going ape shit the past couple of months and being very unusually dry I'm going to give this a try and see if it helps any.
But while I'm on my skincare kick, I have to share the makeup pallettes I found.  I'll probably call them my Valentines Day present to myself and get them for the con season. 

That is the makeup I had already planned on getting, I figure I'll have plunty of colors for me, Pip, and anyone else I end up working on.  You can buy it here if you are interested, it retails around $50.  Which is a good deal. 

That is how my whole pallette obsession started.  I have been hunting for the right shade of red lipstick for both myself and for a couple costumes for sometime now and I can never find a shade that has more blue in it then orange or pink.  I need a cold color not a warm red.  >.<  I figure I'll have 66 different shades to play with, if one doesn't work I should be able to mix and match to get what I need.  You can buy it here if you're interested, its about $20. 

I'm debating on which one of those I want or if I want them both, they aren't to expensive and I get 88 different eyeshadows to play with.  The difference is shimmer.  The bottom picture is the shimmer set the top is the more matte set.  I'm thinking with flash I'm going to want the matte but at the same time shine is sometimes good.... You can get the shimmer here and the matte here.  Both are around $20. 

The other thing I found is what's supposed to be a really good eyeshadow base.  It retails for $17, but promises no creases, and for heavy costume makeup... that's probably not the case but for day to day I bet it would work.  If I get it I'll give a full review.  If you're interested you can get it from Urban Decay here.
And on a totally unmakeup related note, I just checked ups, the P90 is still showing on time so cross you fingers that its delivered today.  According to the usps site my fabric was delivered to the local post office yesterday so hopefully my mail carrier dropped it off today, course as much fabric as that was I dunno if that will fit in my mailbox, oh well I have to be up early tomorrow to work on .... something yet undetermined so I can make a quick run to the post office.  And according to the link in the other confirmation email I got I think my holsters my arrive today.  I swear the last time I looked they were in Kansas or some other flat state.  Props to UPS I suppose. 


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