Thursday, January 21, 2010

*insert evil laughter here*

Kusanagi's P90 arrived last night.  Sadly a piece is broken but I should be able to mend it.  Its the attachment from the rail to the scope, has a crack in it, big crack.  Any other time I would be tempted to send it back but the con is a little more then a month away and it would be my luck that I wouldn't get a replacement in time.  This one came with all the accessories, strap, flashlight, scope w/ 'laser' dot, suppressor, oh yes I likie.  And I think it will be perfect for Kusanagi since I can mod the gun for different shots.  First one is without all the goodies, second is with everything attached!

In that same shipment I also go Kusanagi's gloves and Seras's gloves.  Both are rather simple, Kusanagi's being fingerless and black and Seras's a standard white.  But both have grippers on the palm side so hopefully I won't be dropping everything all day.  Because that would be very, very annoying.
Also got Sailor V's fabric, I haven't taken it out of the bag, my goal is to get Seras wrapped up before I tear into V.  But here's a shot of it in the bag.

And as for Seras much progress has been made.  *drumroll please* Her skirt is done!! *cheers* Yay!  Last night I got the zipper seam cleaned up, not the way I'd like it but it will do.  I may tear it out later if I have time and re-do it again.  Unno.  But I did also get a hem in it, so its ready to be worn. First picture here is of a hem test I did, but that's the length I hemmed it at, so if you can ignore the pins at the bottom of the skirt its a pretty good mock up as to what it will look like.  The second picture is when I finished getting the hem in it last night.

Alright off the costume bit for a few.  I was successful in getting all my doctors appointments yesterday.  And let me tell you I called that dermatologists office probably 4 or 5 times before I got someone and not the recording.  Friday after I meet with Cliff I'm heading to the eye doc, I don't think I'm going to need glasses but we'll see, I have to have it in order to get my contacts.  And next week is the earliest they could get me into the dermatologist.  Hopefully I can survive till then.  I'm itchy and this 'rash' (as the convenient care ppl called it) came back as soon as the prescription they gave me ran out.  Hopefully its just some sort of allergy and he'll give me something and it'll clear up, I know whatever it was that the convenient care ppl gave me cleared it up so cross your fingers it can be done again. 
And looks like we're going to have a pretty much full turnout for the guild weekend.  (Can you tell I'm psyched about this?) I'll undoubtedly post from Jon's, and Pip already declared he's bringing the SLR so my flickr will be running wild (his to probably) sadly the weather is supposed to be kinda dreary for the weekend so dunno if we'll get to have our bonfire or not.  Oh well more noobs in the BG's to slaughter *evil cackle*