Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I is a chatterbox!

I’m kinda psyched, Wizard World just acquired the Atlanta comic con, which may add another convention to my list. (You will notice it on my pending list atm) hopefully they do it in November or next January so I can attend.  I can’t usually get off work in December and even if I could I’m so busy that I don’t think I would enjoy it that much.  ATM they don’t have a date or a venue set, let’s hope they do that quick.  Of course the person who makes all my wigs is in Atlanta… not that I’m like omg I want to meet them but they do some really neat work and I wouldn’t mind seeing their shop.

And with me working all weekend I haven’t hardly touched a costume.  I came in last night and didn’t do much, I was rather tired.  Hopefully I’ll get off work early today and I can get going on that skirt again.  I know I say every time I work on it my goal is to get it done and I never manage it but that would be awesome if I could.  Of course when I was as work the other night I grabbed a pair of underwear I hope won’t show through the skirt.  I’ll do a test when I get home.  I tried it with some that say ‘no panty lines’ and they lied.  So I bought a pair of boyshorts… cross your fingers cause I hate boyshorts.  I did talk to mom a minute about her funny collar.  She didn’t have much by the way of suggestions, basically how I’m going to do it seemed like a good idea to her.  She won’t be home tonight, I wanted her to help me with the darts… suppose I can try it on my own and see if I’ve had a tailoring skill up since the last time I tried darts. (And yes that was a WoW reference)  And I need to get going on her top.  Thankfully I have a pattern for that so I hope that means it will go fast.  The fabric for Sailor V should arrive in a day or so, along with Kusanagi’s stuff.  And I need to get that done too. >.< so much to do, not enough hours or energy!!

I may try to get up early Thursday before I go into work and do something on the costumes, paint Seras’s buttons or something.  Friday I’m headed to the optometrist to see if I need glasses (I don’t think so but some of the really small print I’m having issue with.)  And that way I can get a prescription so I can get the colored contacts I need for the con season this year, cause they won’t give you any, even if you don’t need any sort of correction, without an optometrists signature.  I understand why but I don’t want to go.  But I want the contacts so I’ll do what I must.  Supposed to meet with the trainer Friday too, my calves are still hurting after last week.  We did my assessment last week Friday and he basically said you have 12 min to run as many laps as you can… Go.  I didn’t get to stretch or anything and for those of you who know me, you know when I jog I stretch before, during, after and probably some other time I forgot.  But no stretching=days of pain.  My calves are finally stretching out and I worked the floor all weekend so that should have helped.  And for those curious I lacked half a lap to do a mile, not bad for someone who hasn't run in three months.  But nonetheless I am so going to give him shit when I see him.  And this is guild weekend *squee*  So I’ll be headed to Jon’s once I’m done with the optometrist and the gym.  We’re taking the SLR with us, so I’ll be uploading pics like crazy.  And I’ll get to run some BG’s with my girls again.  "Gimme your badge, Bitch!"  Yes we get that into it... god this going to be fun.  I think we’re having a bonfire, or I know fire was involved… ^_^  I may take Sailor V and Tuxedo Masks mask out and see if Jon has any tools that will cut them out the way we want… he has an awesome collection of tools I’m told.  He and Rob and Pip were going to fabricate Nariko’s sword for that costume but they never got around to it, course the costume never got 100% done so it’s not much of a loss.  Since I’ll have Lisa there I may take Pip’s wig and see if she can help me style it… course I’ll have to let her know ahead of time so she can bring her shit.  And I believe Krista is going to give me a hand with Seras’s.  I managed to take some of the curl out of the sides when I was messing with it.  Gimme a break my hair doesn’t curl I don’t know how to make them!  I may run that by Friday too since I’ll be in Jackson… may take it with me to Jon’s we’ll see.  I have a couple days to decide.  'Cause if I get that skirt done it might be fun to take a few pics as Seras in a black tank the yellow skirt and the thigh highs and boots… *ponders*  The guild would probably find it amusing.