Friday, January 8, 2010

New year, new look.

As if you can't tell I've updated the look of the blog, for the better I hope.  I'm not 100% in love with it... something about the galaxy at the top doesn't quite work for me but until I get the time to photoshop something it will have to do. 
So lets see, Kusanagi's shoes arrived.  I love them, they are a bit higher then I hoped but I'll survive.  Great part is I'll be able to re-use them for Seras which makes me happy.  I was pretty sure I would be able to do that but I wasn't certain.  Sailor V has had no progress, I think tomorrow I'll work on her mask as Pip is to come over and play with the SLR because guess what?  We got snow. Notice my enthusiasm.  I get 4 whole days off.  Read that FOUR!  I got four days off all last month put together and I get four in a row this week.  Pardon me while I squeal.  Now if I had fabric I could really get something accomplished, well okay I do, I have Kusanagi's fabric but I'm not sold on it... Anyway got off topic there.  Plan on working on her mask, seeing if we can't get it smoothed out and cut out so I can paint it when the weather gets warmer because 4 degrees really isn't conducive to painting.  Course we need to work on his Tuxedo Mask mask so I hope we can get somewhere.  That and we really, really, need to get going on our tango. 
Since we're going as Tuxedo Mask and Codename Sailor V we got the idea that it would be fun to tango at the rave, we saw a couple do it another year and it was neat how everyone reacted... till he dropped her.  But as luck would have it they are planning on doing a formal this year, they said no miniskirts but I think him being in a tux should make up for the lack of length on my skirt.  Anyway I have the cd with the song ordered, its shipping from Hong Kong, hopefully it will arrive in a few days.  But here it is on youtube, which is how I ran across it.

Been talking to a couple people about the Hellsing patches, hopefully one of them will be able to make what I want and have it look the way I want.  I ended up photoshopping the image for one person, it turned out a little smaller then what I wanted but she has cs3 and said she could adapt anything if she needed it now that I gave her a clear image.  I swear I used 2.5" by 3" but it doesn't look it.

Well I have a necklace to finish for another costume so I need to get back to work and quit editing on this thing >.< Hopefully I'll have an update tomorrow, if nothing else I'll be doing a massive upload to my Flickr for all the pictures on the SLR