Monday, January 4, 2010

Sooo Cold

I am so freaking cold, the high today isn't supposed to make it above freezing nor is it for the next basically week.  /cry.  I am so not meant for this weather.  I want my sunny and 70 degrees please!  But more costume updates, and I'll give you the low down on the camera.
I'll break it down by costume because I've made a lot of progress on some and not so much on others.  Let's start with Seras.  I bought a belt for her Friday?  Maybe it was saturday?  Either way one more thing to check off.  Also ordered 5 yards of yellow stretch twill for her outfit, along with a yard of red.  I wanted a half hard since the only red is on her arm, but I couldn't get anything less then that.  I wanted to order some white stretch twill too but they only had off white so I decided to wait till her thigh highs came in to see if they were artic white or more off white.  Of course I have a feeling it won't match, just cause that's my luck.  And speaking of thigh highs I ordered those last week so they should be arriving hopefully sometime this week.  I ordered her wig last week as well, so she's coming together quite quickly.  Only thing that is causing me some issue are her patches.  I'm currently in contact with a couple of people who may be able to make them for me but you would think these things would be easier to find then what they are!  Sailor V hasn't seen much progress though, I bought a masquerade mask that I'm think of using as a base for her because the one I bought is just HUGE.  I mean hers is big, but this thing looks retarded on me.  I think I'm going to start sanding on it this weekend, hopefully dad can find his dremmel so I can expand the eye holes.  And as for Kusanagi, I ordered the light purple thigh highs at the same time I ordered Seras's and I finally ordered her boots last week, according to amazon I should see them Wednesday.  So, not much real progress anywhere but I'm getting there, not as quick as I'd like but... I would much rather have them all done and be tweaking on them. 
I am going to have dad do some reasearch on the Wild Geese, since Pip is the leader of them and see if they have any special patches for Pip's costume.  Hopefully he will have some success only because I would find that more interesting then just me throwing random patches on it.  Of course we are going to put a G.I. Joe patch on it, just for shits and giggles.
Now as for the SLR

Yes that is me modeling the new camera.  We already have over 100 pictures on it, mainly us playing with different ISO settings and with the flash, etc.  And don't ask me why I'm holding my hand like that, I think I was trying to get the strap around my arm or something... unno.  Now as for actual functionality, its fun even though we're still figuring it out.  And I think its going to be able to do everything we need for sometime.  I mean when you can take a picture of a fan going at high speed and its not blurry or anything, but perfectly clear.  Oh yea ^_^


The Toad Sage said...

The cold weather is indeed unforgiving...nice camera.

What are your favorite anime shows?

KC said...

Thank you.

Lets see, about any Gundam, Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing, Ghost in the Shell, I enjoyed Naruto but got so far behind that I kinda lost all hope with it, had the same problem with Bleach, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Cowboy Bebop, lots of others...