Thursday, January 14, 2010

quick update

Just a quick progress update before I crawl in bed.  I spent most of my evening working on Seras's skirt.  My original idea for the waistband was shot down due to a conflict in numbers and the simple thought that I'm going to want my waist to appear to be as small as possible so adding an extra layer of fabric to the waist isn't really going to help. 
So I'm currently working on putting in the zipper, my fear is that when I cut the extra 2" off the top (where the waistband would have been) it will allow a little of me to show through as her shirt flairs after the belt.  ... I'm going to keep making the skirt with the mindset that it won't do that... or that I can adjust the length of the top slightly if need be to prevent that.  On a more positive side I think I have an idea on how to make her collar... we'll see, I'm curious if this will work. 
Another good thing, Seras's wig and the suprize wig for Pip arrived today.  I'd share a picture of both but I don't have any extra wig heads.  But don't worry its on my list of shit to get tomorrow.  I ended up having to close the store tomorrow so I'm going to have to get up early to go do all my errands.  But positive side of that is if I understood the one who gave me my schedule, is that I'm off Friday so I may have some time to get something major accomplished, rather then just a few seams sewn in the skirt.  I'm still kinda frustrated with it.  But I think I have everything smoothed out.  That hem may cause me some issues, not sure yet.  I hate zippers so I'm not enjoying installing this one, and I hate darts at least as much, maybe more yet this skirt is going to have to have the hell darted out of it for it to fit my waist properly and hug my hips like hers.  >.< stupid skirt.