Friday, January 15, 2010


Alright, where to start?  I figure bad news first, Kusanagi hasn't seen anything accomplished save her holsters and P90 are in transit.  Sailor V has her fabric ordered and it should be here the beginning of next week.  I just got a note from the person who I commissioned my Sailor V wig from and it will be shipping out fairly soon.  ^_^  I also have a couple picutres of the suprise I got for my Tuxedo Mask. 

Yes a wig.  He has long hair and although its the right color for the costume, I think it will look better if its short... that and I've never seen him with short hair.  We also ran through one of the Tuxedo Shops in town and have a hat, cane, and gloves ordered.  So now its just up to me, more or less. 
Now as for where and what I have been spending most of my time on.  Seras.  And that skirt. >.<  I don't like zippers.  I don't like installing a zipper, I don't like using a zipper, pretty much I hate the little buggers.  They always get caught on something or I have to work and work to get them out or something goes wrong with them, just the way of the world for me.  But I had to have a zipper in this skirt, their was no way around it.  Last costume I had planned on using a zipper for I found a way to make lacing work.  I hate them that much.  But after much trial (and error) I made it work. 

You can see in this one I didn't seam close enough to the zipper teeth and when the slightest bit of tension is placed on it, you can see the zipper though it.

Finally!! I still need to put in the slits on the side, and tweak the bottom of the zipper but the hard part (should be) over! 
And here a couple pics of Seras's wig, the lighting in my room makes it look a lot darker then it is. 

Well after my day with the trainer I'm pooped so I'm heading to bed a bit earlier then usual.  I'm debating on heading to the gym tomorrow before I go to work, they will be open after I'm off but I'd have to rush.   Depends on how when my alarm starts going off I suppose, supposed to meet with him again next week Friday so he can get me a proper routine going... Upside to that is I get to go play WoW all night next Friday so even if he works me hard I can still do something.  ^_^