Monday, January 11, 2010

Progress galore!

Oh I feel so much better I needed those days off and I have gotten quite a bit done.  ^_^  So here goes the rundown:
Codename Sailor V: Masks are currently drying a la a coat of sandable primer.  First pic here is after a coat of plastic primer the second is after one layer of sandable primer. 

 They will still need quite a few more coats and a lot more work before they are glassy smooth but I now am not concerned with them becoming smooth.  I think the next step will be to decide where we need to add on Wonderflex to my Sailor V mask and if he needs to add anything to Tuxedo's.  Then give it a couple more good coats.  I really don't want to have to bondo the gap between the two if I can help it.  The broach has gotten another coat of poly but it doesn't look much different then it did before.  I figure it's helped all it can so I'm going to leave it be and call it done.  ^_^   One a slightly related note, I did find some stuff to paint my shoes with, probably will order it next week, I think my paychecks are pretty much allocated this week to fabric and some other pieces. 
The tango, has made great progress (I lump it with the Sailor V/Tuxedo Mask costume only because we will be wearing those for it).  The song is just a lil over 4 minutes and we have a good 45 seconds of it solid.  We would be farther but I wasn't expecting him to take to it as quickly as he did so I didn't have quite enough material to teach, that and I'm needing a bit of inspiration.  I want flare, I want flash and I'll be damned if I won't get it.  The part we have done is awesome.  Take a look at this from 1:28 to 1:54. 

Yes we can do that.  Yes that dip is backward, and its by the neck.  And I'm looking forward to showing it off.  Now I just need to get the other 3 minutes up to that caliber...
But as for Kusanagi, we finally got my glasses adjusted so they fit basically straight on my face.  I'm happy I bought them, and actually I did it last year with the idea of wearing them with my Hawkeye costume, but that didn't happen (part of the reason I'm so dead set on doing it this year) but I'm happy they could be used for something else.  I just hope it matches my wig and doesn't clash.
As for Pip and Seras, lots of stuff going on there too.  The fabric for Seras arrived Saturday, sadly I haven't gotten to actually cutting it yet, but I did get a pattern (or 5) that should prove useful, plus I got buttons for her.  The pictures I took of those didn't turn out very well but they are a shiny button, I plan on going over them in a matte gold paint but if I'm careful I will be able to keep the shiny insets on them.  They have a crest of sorts on them ... yea you get what I'm trying to say. 

 Anyway I'm psyched.  My wig is still on the way but Pip's arrived today.  And get this the UPS driver not just is used to delivering to my place, he remembered my name and when he was dropping off some stuff for the store today brought in my package too.  Talk about service.  ^_^  Here it is, still in the box with the hair net on it.

 Now on to a couple costumes I haven't gone into as much detail about.  First what I will (hopefully) be wearing to the rave.  Now I believe I've gone over my whole fox idea but I was unsure of what I wanted to wear.  Well I finally have a bit of an idea.  I'm planning on using this pattern as a top only making it cropped.  So think of the pattern crossed with the second image. 

 I want that strap around my waist but I want the back and neckline to be interesting too.  As for the bottoms I'm thinking a pair of white dance shorts and this over the top, a la Alice from Resident Evil or more likely using it as a practice run to make Hawkeye's skirt on her costume. 

There's a shot of the red fabric I got for the skirt.  As you can see by the comic, the layer on the left is fairly see though, doubled up it isn't.  We'll see when I get the shorts in how I decide.  I'm not really needing it for coverage, more for effect so I'm leaning toward one layer and using the rest of the fabric somehow on the top...
Now Hawkeye.  Where do I start?  I wanted to make the Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) costume since least year's comic con.  But I ran out of time and money and ended up just making Spectre.  But this year I think I have enough time (and no other ideas that I like better) to work on.  Now don't get me wrong I love Kate, she's one of my favorite heroines, I'm just not looking forward to walking around the con and everyone asking if I'm Green Arrow's sidekick (He's DC people!! She's Marvel!!) or simply being like 'cool costume, but who are you?'  -_-"   But we'll see how it goes, that costume is more for me then anything so as long as I'm happy then it shouldn't matter.  Now if anyone knows where to find/have made custom sunglasses drop me a line, I've tried Oakley and I don't mind paying the price for it, but they don't make lenses in the color I need.  Her's are purple.  Not red/purple, not blue/purple, but purple.  >.<  Why do I always pick the hardest costume ever?  If all goes well I'll be wearing that one to my local con and if things go better to Wizard World Chicago this year.  The owner of my local comic shop is wanting to get some of my pics to send into Wizard and as he went last year to the show he may take me with him (Take me with you Jack!!) And actually since they moved the date back from April to Aug it works better for me both money wise and con wise.  I like having them spread out so I have time to work on others/tweak what I will be wearing.  So cross your fingers both for me to go to Wizard World and to get myself in the magazine.