Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is going to be long.

Just warning you now.  Let's see they always say to start at the beginning, so the last thing I posted about was Guild Weekend, so I'll start there.  Had to do a couple things Friday before we went to Jon's.  I had to run by the gym and then I had my eye doc app.  The gym went easy, I'm not sure what to think of Cliff,  he's funny but he seems stressed or something around me.  Could have been the fact that my skin was doing.. well we'll get to my dermatologist appointment later.  Anyway he has a routine set up for me so I should be good provided I can get my ass in gear and actually go. 
The eye doc was a good visit too, he said I don't need glasses.  Not that I was thinking I would, but my eyes hadn't been checked in years so it was overdue.  I apparently do have astigmatism and I'm slightly farsighted, the interesting thing about that combination is that they cancel each other out, so he said in five years I may need something, but not now.  I do have my blue contacts though.  Ended up getting two different shades.  One as more aqua in it then the other.  I figure the one with more aqua will be for Sailor V and the darker shade will be for Seras.  I did get my prescription so when I have money again I'll order my red ones. 
From there we had planned on heading straight to Jon's then I realized I had forgotten to grab underwear and I needed to run though Victoria's Secret anyway since I found out I can wear black under Seras's costume and it won't show though.  Let me explain a bit more about that.  I went there once wanting a specific new bra that they came out with, but of course both online and in store they were out of my size in a nude color so I had kinda given up the hunt till I grabbed the boy shorts the other week and found they woudln't show though.  I'm happy, and I can't wait till we get to do a photoshoot for Seras.  Of course i have to get her finished first, but I'll get to my costumes in a bit.
Pip and I got to Jon's probably 6 or 7 Friday night after I'd done all my running around. We ran a couple Heroics and then went to to the BG's.  And I have to tell you about one in particular.  We usually run AV because we can farm some decent honor there, we don't usually go for killing the leaders we just camp one particular part of the road near a graveyard and hold it.   But this one was going to be a turtle and we were going to have to get in the fray if we wanted any HK.  So we all pushed up near their base and then WHAM!  all of us got raped by a freakin mob of toons.  I mean it looked like army of the dead only with named characters and different classes.  All of us smelled a rat and when we got back up there to take a better look our guild leader pointed out that they were staying clustered and it was sorta reminiscent of some shaman's we've seen.  Basically you'll see four toons all following each other, in the same gear, and with really similar names.  Only this group wasn't just one class, they weren't following each other and they had different names.  Putting it simply it was this swarming mess of toons that we figure one person was controlling.  BG's are fun when you PvP against other people, not one ass who's ruining it.  Then we had to deal with people in Warsong who were running Gears.  Rogues can't bubble damn it!!  But whatever, we still had a blast.  Stayed up till like 3 or 4 in the morning before all of us crashed.  Then we all got up and played more.  Pip and I ended up cutting out about nine or ten that night.  We had planned on staying though sunday but they didn't want to do anything but play Warcrack.  And don't get me wrong I love it, but I can only sit and stay at a computer screen and cuss at pixels for so long before I need to do something else.  And it didn't help that I kept thinking about all the things I could have gotten done of my costumes during that time.  I did get Jeeves though.  ^_^ I've been sitting on the mats for awhile now I just needed more titansteel, which our Alchemist transmuted for me.  I think part of the reason they were so intent on the game is because it was cold and rainy all last weekend and it's not like we could have gone out and played in the pool or done something.  Hopefully that will change this summer.  Pip said the boys tended to go out in the shop and do other stuff last year, I was only invited to a couple of the pool party's so I dunno, and that may change since Lisa and Sunny won't probably enjoy that as much as what the boys and I would.  Pip, as promised, did bring our SLR, you can view all the ones I resized and uploaded here, but here are a couple of my favorites. 



Alright gonna leave costumes for last, so fast forward to my doc appointment Thursday.  He was a nice guy but he seems to have it in his head that this whatever with my skin is eczema and urm I'm not a dermatologist or anything but you have to have dry skin to have that and urm... I have to put stuff on my face to keep it from being shiny and even when it says its good for twelve hours... it last about half the work day for me.  My mother has oily skin, my grandmother has oily skin.  I have oily skin, so explain to me how I have eczema.  He couldn't.  Its contact dermatitis, and he knows it.  I don't think he liked me walking in knowing what I had and basically just wanting a prescription.  Of course the cream he gave the prescription for was $100.  Yea it was steep.  It had better do that damn job though.  I'll be royally pissed.  Currently its faded and almost gone, but it did this last time.  Cross your fingers for me it stays gone.  I'm already self conscious about it, I don't want to be in my costumes worrying over it. 
Ok on to the costumes.  Kusanagi hasn't seen any progress (shocker isn't it?)  She's next on the list but I'm going to finish Seras before I jump to her.  V hasn't seen much progress either, I took my wig over to Krista's but her chi got a little hot and kinda melted a piece of it... we'll have to see if I can fix it.  I could possibly trim it out but then I'll have to add some extensions in it.  I unno we'll see how much money I have I may just buy another and use the mutilated one for something else.  But as for Seras, leaps and bounds.  The liner of her shirt is done and the outer piece is cut out, just needs to be sewn together.  From there it'll be hemming and the funky collar.  And then lots of buttons.  Lots of buttons.  >.<  But progress is progress.  I don't have a current pic but here's what it looked like before I got going the other day.