Monday, February 1, 2010

Announcing Codename Sailor V Formal!

Just thought I'd share a sketch I did the other night at work, its of a concept for the Vampire Knight Ball at KawaKon.  I'll be in my Codename Sailor V costume that day (and as its a formal Tuxedo Mask will be in a tuxedo) so I felt a little akward about weaing a miniskirt to the formal.  Not so much a problem with the mini because I will need the freedom of movement to dance the tango, but just that I'd feel underdressed.  So I came up with with what may be a decent compromise assuming I have time to make it.  Most of it will probably be made of satin.

 The ones in color are the ones I'm thinking of making, I'd like more white on the dress, especially around the top more like her normal outfit, but I think this will work.
The skirt will have two layers, a blue organza and a blue satin. The satin will be short and slightly not pleated but will have extra on it so I will be able to dance in it. The outer layer will be able to be 'taken off' so it will create a short train so I will be able to tango. The blue satin will hit probably hit mid thigh and the organza will make it appear to hit about knee length. It will be sleeveless a la her anime costume, and I will re-use the broach from her main costume. I will likely wear the same heels, gloves, mask and other accessories from the main outfit.