Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great news everyone!

Yes that was a Futurama reference.  ^_^  But seriously great news.  Talked to Pip last night as I was looking on Dragon*Con's website (hoping they had a forum because I wanted confirmation of the YA shoot) and mid convo kinda did a HOLY SHIT, because they are down to TWO, yes two, hotels with rooms open.  So we talked it over and since I was willing to sacrafice Wizard World Chicago *sniff* We're going to Dragon*Con baby!  Of course I still have to make all the arrangements, hotel, badges, etc.  But still he said we would go.  *squee* I'm psyched and its how many months away?  You may notice I did update the con list, as Dragon*Con is in the confirmed list, I did take a couple out, sadly they weren't going to work with our schedules or we needed to be saving our $$ for other cons we were confirmed for.  But none the less I'm still just psyched.
On a completely unrelated note, we're supposed to get snowed on again.  Joy.  Of course I'm seeing this in two lights.  I need the money (cause some jobs failed to pay me last week, /boo), but I have costumes to finish.  I mean it is Valentines and I do want to see Pip (of course I have to close the store tomorrow) but we had planned on a few things in the AM, and I do need to run with him to the fabric store to pick out a couple things, but I have soo much to do!  That's half the reason I haven't posted as frequently in the past couple of weeks.  I work till I'm tired then I crash, sleep a bit, get up go to work, come home, work on something till I'm tired, rinse lather and repeat.  Like I didn't feel bad for the supersonic cheeseburger I ate today, because I'm sure I've burned it off.  >.< Stupid work interfering with my costumes.