Friday, February 5, 2010

quick post

Alright just a quick post tonight, if I have time I'll post more in the morning.  I've gotten a lot done last night and today.  The nerf gun I'm using for a Harkonnen for Seras is half painted (had to wait for it to dry so I can flip it over and do the other side), and Sailor V and Tuxedo Mask both have painted masks.  I figured I'd take them over to Pip's this weekend so we could mark out where I need to cut them, and being the right color would probably help.  I got Sailor V's shoulder guards made.  They still need to be sanded and painted but that takes no time with the sander I have.  I think I've already posted that I have Seras's contacts ordered, I remember tweeting it... anyway here they are, they aren't red but I don't have the $75 to drop on contacts atm. 

 Especially when I just ordered a second wig for Seras.  I tried cutting out what got burned but when I did it left a funny layer way to high so hopefully I can mod that wig for something later...
But then here's the real big progress number.  Sailor V's skirt is done.  I may tweak it later if I get everything else done but I wore it around half the day and it was fine.  I started on her collar but I'm still in the pattern drafting stage atm.  The skirt took me a lot longer then I expected.  I drafted it a couple times but I was going to be all proper and finish all my seams and all that, but when I started that it ended up adding bulk and the skirt didn't flow as well so I ripped as much of it as I could back out and decided that it was spandex and really won't ravel.  ... shit I have to get my stuff together, I'm working at the other job tomorrow and I need to run to town a bit early to grab a couple little things.  Like I said if I wake up early enough tomorrow I'll post pictures of what I've gotten done, if not I will monday.  Check my flickr if your dying to see stuff now, I upload there first.  Night all!