Sunday, September 18, 2011


Wow my last update was in January, that's really sad because so much has happened since then I really don't know where to begin!  I've been to three conventions, two of them massive ones, I've broken up with a couple guys, picked up my absolute dream job, and met so many fantastic people!
Lets see, good news first shall we?  The job.  It happened totally by accident, I mean they write stories and this is how it happens, the real world isn't this way.  I was a my local comic convention (in Revy) and Eric, who is one of the main writers for G2 Comics, just stopped me and said he had a new series they were going to be launching and he wanted me to be her.  Yea.  Simple as that.  I didn't try out for a part or do anything, I was just at a con being a fan and somehow, magically, landed the job of my dreams.  Of course that lead into me being able to create *another* costume, and then being taken to Wizard World Chicago with them.  I'll have to write a separate post for WWCC because it was an experience in itself and I had so much fun!  Eric, Daniel, I cannot wait to do it again, you both were so much fun!  Best part of it is, they liked me enough that they are taking me to Wizard World Mid-Ohio with them (so if you're gonna be there swing by the G2 Comics booth and say hello!)  And of course since I'm the character, take a look.  G2 Comics, I'm Kross from the upcoming series Kross and Vengeance.  And yes, that's me.  The pics were taken by and edited by Daniel Gracey who is, obviously, insanely talented!  (A few more are on my Flickr if you'd like to see more.)

 But speaking of conventions, I said I've attended three this year and you already know about two.  So drumroll ladies and gentlemen, I finally made it to Dragon*Con.  Oh yea, that's right.  And let me tell you, if you ever get the opportunity to go, do it.  It was an experience I will never forget.  Again it will have to have its own post because the time I was there was just so cram packed I know if I start on it I'll just get sidetracked.  But brief recap, I debuted a new costume, finally found a good Spidy for my Black Cat, met some new friends who I already miss terribly (an yes we're already plotting for next year!) saw so many amazing costumes.  The who thing was just overwhelming but so much fun.  And since I have pictures from that Spidy/Black Cat shoot, I'll share.  All of these were taken by my and Austins (Spiderman) other roommate for the Dragon weekend Brian, who some of you probably know as Brizy from Brizy Comics.  You can check out his coverage of the weekend (and catch a couple glimpses of myself *coughDragonCon10cough*) on his YouTube channel.  And as always more pics are available on my Flickr.

But life hasn't been all good.  I broke up with the guy who I'd been friends with since high school and dated for a year back Feb/March which forced me to move out of the Apt I'd been renting.  Part of me is happier here with my parents again though I'm ready to have some space of my own.  I was missing the animals horribly, and the fact that I could hear people up and moving I could never get used to.  To much of a country girl I suppose.  After that their was a short fling with another guy but alas I'm way to much a free spirit (and apparently 'not clingy enough') and as always that didn't work out.  Seems to be a trend with me.  Ah well, a long time ago I decided I'd probably end up a crazy cat lady.  Their have been a couple guys I've talked to over the summer, but only one of which do I feel any real possible spark with.  Of course I'm about 75% sure he's not digging me quite the same way.  Which again is cool, crazy cat lady ftw!
Well, for the moment I do believe I'm going to sign off, hopefully with being done moving and only one Con left on the horizon my schedule will free up a bit and I can get back in the swing of updating this thing.  But one last parting gift, a couple more pics (sorry the debut costume from Dragon  has yet to show up in pics so I'll leave her for you to guess on!)  Here's a couple more of my Black Cat, first two are with Chris as the Green Arrow at WWCC.  And before you say anything we're well aware I'm Marvel he's DC, we were still asked to pose together, and the others are from the debut of the costume.  Major thanks to my friend at Jon Hensen Photography for the pics!  So here's till next time!