Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Forgive me the lack of update, as they have been a bit sparse in the past week, and will probably continue to be until the convention.  I have a lot left to do and not much time to do it in.  lol  If you're dying to see my progress check Flickr, I tend to upload pictures long before I sit down and type it all out.  But lets see V's bow and hair bow are done.  I just need to sew her other sleeve on put the cuffs on it and do a bit of tweaking on the red below the bust-line and she's done.  I finally figured out what to do to get Seras to work so I'm kinda psyched to get going with her again as the patches are in!  And I think tonight I'm going to throw myself into Kusanagi and see how much I can get done.  Logically she shouldn't be that hard but logically V shouldn't have taken me this long.  >.<  Plus I have Tuxedo's stuff to do.  And I still need fabric for him.  Hopefully he gets it ordered Thursday when I give him his laptop back.  (He left it at my place, on purpose but still.)  We're running out of time and while it won't take me long it still will take some time.  I do have all the fabric for the lining for it so I can get going on that, and figure out where the kinks will be. 
My wigs for Kusanagi and V arrived this weekend.  Both are gorgeous.  I absolutely love Kusanagi, I'm not sold on V but part of that I think is just the way it looks without the rest of the costume.  I think it will work and look amazing, just solo its odd.  I don't have time to upload them here, so seriously go to flickr and look at Kusanai's wig.  It's freakin awesome.  And we got a great shot of me in it.  The first of many I hope. 
Also Revy is a go for OMGCon, not sure who's getting kicked but I want to wear that costume.  I think Pip is going as either Rock or Chang... probably both, only difference are a few details...
We'll my replacement will be in soon so going to shut up now so I can head home grab some food and see how much I can burn though.  Wish me luck!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

More good news.

Gimme a minute, I have to chatter, then I'll get to the good news.  Ok, so I worked till close Sunday night.  No biggie, we close an hour early so I get home at a decent time to go to work in the AM Monday.  I'm not insane about the idea but its better then midnight like I did all Christmas.  So here it is Sunday night, maybe five or six, and it starts snowing.  Now it wasn't just snowing, oh no, it was doing that freezing rain, sleet, bullshit.  So what happens?  We get a layer of ice on the road and then a layer of snow.  Assuming no one has driven over the snow you can get traction, but if they have, well it turned into an ice skating ring.  So I call Da before I left and he said my mother had taken well over an hour to get home in this mess, so he advised that I stay at Pips.  Now that wasn't really a problem to me, it was Valentines Day and I got to spend awhile longer with my Valentine, but that also meant that I had to get up at the crack of dawn and hope that the road crews had gotten the road cleaned.  Now mind you I had no clothes with me, no makeup, thankfully I leave some of my stuff at his place so I had a toothbrush some mascara and I found a clean tee in the Jeep.  (And oh lord is that thing full of random jackets o.O)  But that also means I have to be at about six in the morning (which I don't usually see unless I haven't been to bed yet!) shower, and get on the road.  Best part was I wouldn't know how the roads were until I got going, so their was no way to predict exactly how long it would take me to get home.  Could be that the crews had it all clear, could be a lot worse then it was when Mom started home.  So I had intended on getting on the road about 6:30-6:45 it was a little closer to 7 then that when I actually did, sorry I had to have some coffee I was running on less then 6 hours of sleep.  And thankfully I the roads weren't too bad, I mean they weren't great by any mean and I had to take my time, and I saw where PLENTY of people had gone off the side of the road.  But I made it home a few minutes after eight, had enough time to throw on some make up and grab some clean clothes (thankfully I thought to shower at Pip's) and skid into work right on time.  >.<  Stupid snow!  I'm tired of it.  It can go away.  It's against my will!!
But on to the good news.  I have the hotels for DragonCon reserved!! *squee* We will be arriving on Friday about two or three and leaving Monday sometime, probably three or four in the afternoon.  Atlanta is a seven hour drive from here so we had to factor that in.  That was actually something new for us, most con's we've been to are only a couple hours drive.  I dunno what we will do to entertain ourselves.  I know he's never been there, I myself have only driven though on my way to Florida, and that was at four in the morning so I didn't exactly get the best feel for the place. 
As for costumes, with me getting snowed into town yesterday, and being so worn out today I haven't done much.  I cut out a couple patterns, one for the formal of Sailor V and another for Kusanagi, but that's really it.  I'm going to be heading to bed here in a few so that I can catch up on a few hours sleep so hopefully I will be rested enough to get some things accomplished tomorrow.  Hopefully my girl will be in on time to work tomorrow so I can get going early.  We'll see though, seems like she's usually a bit later on Tuesdays then she is on Wednesdays....   I did upload a few new progress photo's to my flickr that I'll post here.  Just to show them off a bit more

This is (most) of what I have done with V.  I'm working on her top at the moment.  After that I'll just need to get her shoes and get them dyed, then tweak both the shoulder guards and mask a bit more.  ^_^ So close to the finish line!!

I know its no Harkonnen, but it will have to do till I have the chance to make one.  It's not entirely painted in this pciture but its a good idea of what it will look like, assuming I have time I'll go ahead and paint Hellising Arms or whatever is on her gun in white down the side.  *needs to research that more*

And notice a difference between eye to eye?  Yea that's the orange in one eye and my natural color on the other.  It's really nice for Kusanagi, not spot on for Seras in my opinion, but I don't have the $75 on hand to buy the red ones I want.  Maybe before OMGCon, or at least before the proper photoshoot.  And mentioning Seras, as today was a holiday the mail didn't run but hopefully tomorrow my Hellsing patches will arrive...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great news everyone!

Yes that was a Futurama reference.  ^_^  But seriously great news.  Talked to Pip last night as I was looking on Dragon*Con's website (hoping they had a forum because I wanted confirmation of the YA shoot) and mid convo kinda did a HOLY SHIT, because they are down to TWO, yes two, hotels with rooms open.  So we talked it over and since I was willing to sacrafice Wizard World Chicago *sniff* We're going to Dragon*Con baby!  Of course I still have to make all the arrangements, hotel, badges, etc.  But still he said we would go.  *squee* I'm psyched and its how many months away?  You may notice I did update the con list, as Dragon*Con is in the confirmed list, I did take a couple out, sadly they weren't going to work with our schedules or we needed to be saving our $$ for other cons we were confirmed for.  But none the less I'm still just psyched.
On a completely unrelated note, we're supposed to get snowed on again.  Joy.  Of course I'm seeing this in two lights.  I need the money (cause some jobs failed to pay me last week, /boo), but I have costumes to finish.  I mean it is Valentines and I do want to see Pip (of course I have to close the store tomorrow) but we had planned on a few things in the AM, and I do need to run with him to the fabric store to pick out a couple things, but I have soo much to do!  That's half the reason I haven't posted as frequently in the past couple of weeks.  I work till I'm tired then I crash, sleep a bit, get up go to work, come home, work on something till I'm tired, rinse lather and repeat.  Like I didn't feel bad for the supersonic cheeseburger I ate today, because I'm sure I've burned it off.  >.< Stupid work interfering with my costumes. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Since it looks like its going to be another slow day here at the store I'm going to take the time now to update rather then when I get in so that way I can get going on a costume.
I spent most of my evening working on Sailor V's collar, took me a bit to draft it out, I used the guide found here as a start.  Since Codename's collar is a little different I h ad to mod it slightly.  I'll post pictures once I get it done, I have it cut out and sewn together, I just need to finish getting the red trim on it.  I have one side done but it takes me awhile to get that spandex to bend to my will.  I didn't work on anything else.  Well I did take a look at how much blue fabric I have left over and I think I'm going to have enough to my my Formal versions dress out of it... it would make me happy to be able to use it and know it will all match... We'll see.
The other week I was out at Pip's and he had an anime on I'd never seen, called Black Lagoon.  And well I fell in love.  Revy is foul-mouthed and a badass... kinda like Rally from Gunsmith Cats only updated.  Anyway her outfit would be a really simple cosplay and I was thinking about making it and Pip could do Rock, and we could take them to OMGCon.  It would be something cool to wear... I unno though.  I'd have to ditch one of my current costumes to wear it... And Kusanagi's 1st GIG outfit is already slated for that con... Like I said we'll see.  I want to make it, and waiting till next year on something so simple seems a bit much... that and I'm sure by next year I'll have decided on what other big costumes I want to make.  I also thought of Kim Possible.  It would be mega easy (not even needing a wig)... it'll probably just be for a photoshoot though.  Hopefully I'll have some money by OMGCon and I know they used to have a nice outdoor store near the con center (I used to live near there) and if memory serves they sold climbing gear, that could make for a neat photoshoot...
Of course speaking of Rally that's a costume I've wanted to make for awhile, I just need a May.  >.<  Same with Noir.  I've wanted to do Mireille for a long time (already have a wig and a top!) but not a Kirika.  And I have Nariko from the game Heavenly Sword nearly done (the costume not the sword) and I could wear it without a Kai, but I would like one.  /pout.  Why is it I can get boys to cosplay with me but not girls?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yet again more snow. Joy. Exactly do I have to slaughter to get rid of this stuff? I’m tired of it ten times over. It makes getting to work a pain, it makes getting to the gym even more of a pain, and it’s messy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty but I can do without it. I vote we just skip to spring. Anyone else with me?
But on to better things. I’ve been working diligently on the costumes. V and Tuxedo’s masks are nearly finished. They need another couple good sandings and we need to get one more piece around the eyes cut out on each, but the tool we had been using couldn’t get into that small of a spot so I think Pip found something else that will work.

 If the weather isn’t to yucky tonight I may try sanding on them… unno Mom is home I still need her opinion on Seras. Ok I’m rambling. Back to V. Let’s see I still need to buy some gold spandex for her costume and her shoes, if all goes well I’ll be doing that this week sometime. I started sketching out a pattern for her collar, I’m having issues getting it even though. I figure I’ll have to scratch my current sketch and start over, I can’t tell where my new lines are and my old ones are >.< And I need to get going on Tuxedo, Pip finally bought pants so I need to have him wear them and go to the fabric store with me so I can find something to make his jacket and cape out of. I mean I could use anything so long as its black I guess, but I want them to be at least close. I did work on V’s shoulderguards this weekend. Have a coat of primer on them and gave them a good sanding, but they will need more.
Kusanagi has finally seen some progress, I found a pattern online that I think I will be able to mod, so while I’m at the fabric store I need to get some white gabardine or something that I can use as a base for the satin. But that being said I did get her contacts in last night. They look a little orange in the pictures here, I promise they aren’t in real life. Or at least they won’t turn that way when I put them on (I haven’t yet).

Seras hasn’t seen any progress, at least noteworthy. I started spraying the other side of the Harkonnen and ran out of paint /epic fail. When I’m in town Friday I’ll try to pick more up, it didn’t take long at all to paint, and it felt like I had enough in the can but I guess not. And the patches should be in the mail, I can’t wait to see them. I hope they look a little better than in the pictures, I figure they will and if worst comes to worst I can always grab a sharpie or white paint and clean them up a bit. But the good news is Pip’s wig is styled! It took me a couple of hours because this wig was MASSIVE, and it tangled SO easily. I ended up giving the entire thing a really good coat of hairspray and that seemed to help. The braid was tight against his head but it looks really loose in the picture, it kinda worries me, but I think I’m going to let it sit awhile and see if it won’t take to the shape a bit before I try messing with it.

So let’s see I’m down to:

Make top
Make bow
Buy Shoes
Get shoes dyed
Make toppers on gloves
Finish shoulderguards
Tweak Mask

Buy Gabardine
Buy pattern
Make top
Finish Tachikoma

Finish top
Finish Harkonnen

Tuxedo Mask
Make Jacket
Make Cape
Tweak Mask

And I have about a month. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 5, 2010

quick post

Alright just a quick post tonight, if I have time I'll post more in the morning.  I've gotten a lot done last night and today.  The nerf gun I'm using for a Harkonnen for Seras is half painted (had to wait for it to dry so I can flip it over and do the other side), and Sailor V and Tuxedo Mask both have painted masks.  I figured I'd take them over to Pip's this weekend so we could mark out where I need to cut them, and being the right color would probably help.  I got Sailor V's shoulder guards made.  They still need to be sanded and painted but that takes no time with the sander I have.  I think I've already posted that I have Seras's contacts ordered, I remember tweeting it... anyway here they are, they aren't red but I don't have the $75 to drop on contacts atm. 

 Especially when I just ordered a second wig for Seras.  I tried cutting out what got burned but when I did it left a funny layer way to high so hopefully I can mod that wig for something later...
But then here's the real big progress number.  Sailor V's skirt is done.  I may tweak it later if I get everything else done but I wore it around half the day and it was fine.  I started on her collar but I'm still in the pattern drafting stage atm.  The skirt took me a lot longer then I expected.  I drafted it a couple times but I was going to be all proper and finish all my seams and all that, but when I started that it ended up adding bulk and the skirt didn't flow as well so I ripped as much of it as I could back out and decided that it was spandex and really won't ravel.  ... shit I have to get my stuff together, I'm working at the other job tomorrow and I need to run to town a bit early to grab a couple little things.  Like I said if I wake up early enough tomorrow I'll post pictures of what I've gotten done, if not I will monday.  Check my flickr if your dying to see stuff now, I upload there first.  Night all!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Layout change (again)

I wasn't happy with the previous layout, my sidebar went on forever, I found this three column layout, and again I'm not sold on it but I like it a lot better.  Anyone want to photoshop me a new header image?

more progress.

I want to have Seras basically done by the end of the week... I may get there.  I'm off all day Thursday so hopefully I can buckle down and get her finished.  But I did work on her quite a bit tonight.  I ordered my contacts for her earlier today.  They should be arriving in a couple of weeks.  But lets see, I had the liner of the outfit put together from the last time I worked on her, tonight I got all the darts in it, and trust me, I darted the absolute hell out of that shirt.  But hey its fitted down to me now ^_^  Took long enough.  I'm running into a problem in where the placement of the buttons will go, if all goes well mom will be off Thursday or at least get home earlier then 1045 so she can give me her opinion.  But tomorrow I want to get the outside of the shirt put together and darted so I can get a better feel for it.  I need to decide where that hem will be too, that may need to be done before mom is brought in.  Of course as soon as I get that done then I'll be down to the collar and the sleeves (the white and red things).  So I'm getting there.  Here's a couple pics I snapped while I was working on it.  The first is of the liner (inside out I know, but the inside of the jacket will be the same yellow as the outside), the second is the liner turned inside out so you can get an idea of what it will look like when I'm finished.  The last in this set is of the darts I had to begrudgingly put in the back.  Her jacket doesn't have darts in the back but their is no way i could get it fitted down to me proper without it. 




I did get something completed this evening too.  For the Fox costume I've been debating on if I wanted bracelets or what.  I came up with this idea, I don't know if I'm sold on it, but I didn't have anyone handy to help me lace it so I'm going to reserve judgment till I can get a better look at it.  The anklet (second pic) is a piece I've had done since January I've just never uploaded.  


As always more pictures of my progress can be found on my flickr.  Theirs a lot more I'd like to say but I have to be getting to bed so I can go to work in the morning!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Announcing Codename Sailor V Formal!

Just thought I'd share a sketch I did the other night at work, its of a concept for the Vampire Knight Ball at KawaKon.  I'll be in my Codename Sailor V costume that day (and as its a formal Tuxedo Mask will be in a tuxedo) so I felt a little akward about weaing a miniskirt to the formal.  Not so much a problem with the mini because I will need the freedom of movement to dance the tango, but just that I'd feel underdressed.  So I came up with with what may be a decent compromise assuming I have time to make it.  Most of it will probably be made of satin.

 The ones in color are the ones I'm thinking of making, I'd like more white on the dress, especially around the top more like her normal outfit, but I think this will work.
The skirt will have two layers, a blue organza and a blue satin. The satin will be short and slightly not pleated but will have extra on it so I will be able to dance in it. The outer layer will be able to be 'taken off' so it will create a short train so I will be able to tango. The blue satin will hit probably hit mid thigh and the organza will make it appear to hit about knee length. It will be sleeveless a la her anime costume, and I will re-use the broach from her main costume. I will likely wear the same heels, gloves, mask and other accessories from the main outfit.