Wednesday, January 13, 2010

another quick post

Yes I know I've been a chatterbox today but I do want to report on my costumes.  I know I know more on the costumes, but having to write my progress daily kinda helps spur me into getting something done.  So let's see.  I got in and went to work on the masks.  Sanded them down and gave them another couple coats of sandable primer.  His is looking really smooth, mine is going to need more work.  I figure I'll do another that another 1 or 2 times and then worry with the edging I need on mine.  I'm going to have to have the part under my eye and over my nose smooth either way, and if I screw something up it will be at the ends, not in the center.  So first pic here is how the masks looked when I got started, second is after I spent awhile working on them, last ones are after the additional coats of primer.

And I do have news on the Seras front.  I started painting my buttons, sadly my neat freak of a mother has yet again hid the stuff I wanted to use so I tried some antique gold acrylic paint.  Its not turning out bad but it's not the look I intended, I think I'll wait and see how it dries.  I'd share a pic of that but it just keeps taking blurry pictures >.< 
But I did get the skirt cut out.  And for once in my life I measured and measured and used another one as reference and remembered that I had a one way stretch fabric and actually have my stretch running around me rather then vertically where it will be of no use at all.  :) 

So there it is cut out, I'll start sewing it tomorrow, I plan on putting a seam up each side and in one side installing an invisible zipper so I can get in/out of it and also putting a bit of a vent on the ends of each seam because although the skirt is short and the stretch should allow me to move freely, that will ensure it.  Amazingly I have enough fabric to line it in the yellow and not have to worry, truth be told I bought enough I could probably make matching yellow bloomers o.O