Saturday, January 9, 2010


Okay I have made a bit of progress on just about every costume, now if I just had every day off between now and the con my costumes would be amazing, but since I don't have that much spare time this will be short.
Sailor V has seen the most progress, I worked on the broach and the mask.  Just put a simple coat of poly on the broach, when it arrived it had some minor I wouldn't call them scratches but minor imperfections in the surface.  It looked like they had tried to use a buffer or something on it to make it shiny.  Anyway a coat of poly got it a lot shinier so I figure it'll get another one or two so it will look more like a jewel and less like a piece of plastic.

That's before, and this next one is after.

The next one is the masks before we really got going on them, I had already mulitated mine.

The next is my mask about half sanded, and the last is how they look before we quit last night.  They will need a coat of plastic primer and then a coat of sandable primer before we continue.

As for Sailor V's shoes, those were a trial.  I had three pair to choose from.  The first pair I bought for my cousin's wedding last year and although the right color, they don't have a strap around the ankle and they are about half a size to big which would make dancing in them rather uncomfortable.  I bought the white pair for the Artemis variant of my Sailor V costume and really like the way they feel and they look like hers, problem was I couldn't get them in blue so I found another place that sold a pair very similar to them, or so I thought.  They ended up being to dark and the toe WAY to long.  The fabric in my hand in the picture is a swatch of the skirt fabric, just fyi. 

So, verdict?  The white pair.  Looks like I'll buy another and figure out exactly how to paint/dye them. :( more work.  And I hoped this would be the easy part of the costume!

As for Kusanagi, she got the least amount of love, but I can at least show off the jacket as I wore it the other week and have a picture, now its not the most flattering of me but the jacket does look awesome.

The next one is of Seras, well her boots.  I was kinda afraid her stockings would go see though in a flash so we played around with the camera trying to get them to do that and thankfully they ended up being solid.

And here I ninja'd Pip's hat for a few.

Now I do have some progress on Hawkeye, who I will explain at another time, I'm kinda running later then I hoped today.  But this is a swatch of the latex I will be using for that costume.  I just can't decide .30mm or .40mm? 

But I had to post this one, we took Lucky out in the snow yesterday and he had a big time. 

More of my progress pictures can be found on my Flickr, I just posted the ones I felt most relivant to what I was talking about.  Hopefully I will update in a day or two, I'm off to Pip's place to work on other pieces, work on that tango >.< (we did make some progress on that yesterday tg) and to buy some other pieces!