Friday, January 15, 2010

another quick post

I'm gonna have to be heading out the door here in a few minutes, I have a session with a trainer.  Yes I go to a gym, yes I'm going to have an Avenger figure by the time I get my Hawkeye costume done.  Hopefully I'll have a better set of legs for Seras and V too for the con in March... *crosses fingers*
Lets see I ordered fabric for V very early this morning.  Cost me $211.  $50 less then my estimate.  Which wasn't bad, by subtotal was $180 something, shipping is what got me.  But that should arrive early next week, my goal is to have Seras's skirt done today.   I bought some more wig heads yesterday and some other little notatins I'll need for different costumes.  The goal is to have Seras done or almost done (obviously not the patches) before V's fabric arrives so I can concentrate on it.  Of course that's leaving poor Kusanagi out in the cold.... we'll see. 
I'll post pictures of the new wigs I got later this evening and of the other couple things I've gotten as well as give a more detailed report on how everything is going.  ^_^ G2G!