Saturday, October 23, 2010

I think I have a problem...

This is probably going to sound very strange to .... well all of you but its something that's bothering me and I feel the need to air it.  For those of you who follow my twitter then you know I just cancelled my WoW account about an hour ago.  Now I did it because Blizzard (in my eyes) has screwed up the game to the point I will no longer enjoy it the way I had. 
The other side of that is I already miss my girls.  I miss Sybila's brashness (and come on she was my first toon who's swapped servers for me, and had a name change, the girls been put though a lot.) I miss Euriela's resourcefulness.  And even Raistlyn's arrogance.  I know they are simply 'toons' but I spent a lot of hours with them doing things in the world, and I got attached.  They have been my way to unwind after a hectic day for going on three years now.  I feel kinda lost, like I have this little void.  I know its stupid, and trust me I'm debating if I even want to post this but they were mine and Blizz did to them what Spielberg did to Indiana Jones. 
I know a lot of people never got that attached to their toon, they were simply a vessel to get them into raids, they don't care what they looked like or what their gear looked like.  It was all about the spec and the GS.  I'm not that way.  Those were little avatars for me to run around Azaroth, not just minions.  I mean I even miss my hunter's pet!  (If you knew how long it took me to tame the little bugger then you'd understand.)  I guess part of that is Blizz has quit catering to the players like me who are attached to their toons, want them to be unique in the world, and don't really care as much about raiding and end game stuff as they do the quest to get there.  Their is a reason why I only had a handful of mains, I took my time leveling.  I tried to level each toon in a different zone so I could see other places besides what I knew would shoot me to 80 the fastest.  Seems to me they are going the way of Aion, wanting everyone to look the same, and be speced the same.  I can tell you that my mage's spec would probably not have worked for many other people, but it did for me, I learned the in's and out's of a fire mage and I could seriously lay the hurt on someone if I wanted.  But now you won't get the opportunity to play with your spec and really learn the class, all you have to do is google 'mage spec' and you'll be handed the golden spec of which to do the most dps.  That's not fun to me, I don't like people telling me I'm speced wrong, if they give me the chance I promise I can surprise you.  I don't want to play a game with everyone the same, I like being unique.  I loved when they added the Barber so that I could change hairstyles.  And I think all of my main's went though 3 or 4 hairstyles before I found the one that fit their personality.  *sniff* I suppose I'll always have the fic Pip and I were working on to remember them in their prime.  I suppose this means no more Guild Weekends, and no more questing with my IRL friends...
Star Wars, you're my only hope.