Monday, May 6, 2013

Marvel Girl and Other Costumes

         It dawned on me after my nice harsh rant in my last post that I completely forgot to post anything on my Marvel Girl costume!  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to snag a new camera (I will have one before DragonCon, hopefully before Metropolis *crosses fingers*) so that said the only couple of pictures I have are either off my phone, or that someone else took.  (To the Deadpool I was clowning around with, I want those photos!  They have to be hilarious!)  

         And yes, that’s a Paizo Goblin you see with me.  He is now an official part of every costume I wear, and assuming I have time, I’ll dress him up to match me.  Oh hush up I’m a girl, if I want to play dress up with my goblin I will.  

         Now I did say other costumes in this post.  I’m currently working on a Nightwing for Metropolis.  That said I’m afraid Zatanna will probably go on hiatus till next year.  Originally I was going to have her for a DC shoot at Anime Iowa but a friend pointed out FandomFest, and their line up is absolutely stellar!!  So I cancelled my room for Anime Iowa and grabbed one for FandomFest.  I wish they hadn’t have fallen on the same weekend, maybe next year I can do both.  For those of you who are curious I’m not doing the Dick Grayson Nightwing, I’m doing the Cheyenne Freemont version.  Here’s a shot of her costume and how far I am on drafting it.  I really like the look of it but I don’t know how many people will recognize me.  Okay, they will probably recognize me as Nightwing, dunno how many will be able to say its Cheyenne.  


         Ok so I said I’m making Cheyenne.  I have an Ash from Army of Darkness in progress for a local Renaissance Faire in progress, plus I have every intention to have Hawkeye done this year for DragonCon.  I am so terrified of using latex, I’m not gonna lie that’s half the reason I haven’t finished her, but I just think it will be so awesome.  :/    I’m also trying to pull together a Rarity for a friends birthday party where she wants everyone as a pony.... yea go ahead and judge me.  That said Rarity is kinda bottom of the list.  I have a costume for G2 Comics I am currently working on.  I can’t really divulge details other then you will probably see it later this year :)   And to top it all off, I’m also working on a wedding dress for a friend.  That I have some time to get done since its a winter wedding, but I think we all know how I am about wanting everything done so I can get going on other projects.