Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lots to say..

Lets see where should I begin?  Wed night was Guitar Hero night with the boys.  Ended up just being a few of us but it was still a lot of fun, and apparently I'm pretty damn good at it.  I mean I usually play on hard/medium depending on the song (I will own you sweet child of mine! Just you wait!!!) and one of the guys plays exclusively on hard and the other that was able to make it was like me and played on a combo but I get a higher percentage *gloating*.  He even admitted I'm better!  Anyway, we'll all need to do that again.  And according to RedOctane they're making a Guitar Hero 80's edition due out this summer and of course 3 is due out this fall.  *hint hint some of us have birthdays in the fall....* 

Last night went out and saw Pirates 3.  The place was packed!!! I mean I got there about twenty minutes early cause I had to save like five seats and the only place that their were more then about three together were in the very front section *ickyness* but anyway the movie was fantastic.  I loved the Jack going insane parts.  Hell I could spend all night saying I liked this part and that, its hard to pick a fav!  I really liked the marriage though, I want one as cool as that if I don't elope.  And I wonder if they're going to make a forth?  They kinda left you hanging as to what happens to Elizabeth or even Davy Jones... I'm going to see it again with Mark probably Sunday. 

Holy shit its almost one in the morning, I'd better be heading to bed so I can get up and go back to work *can you hear how happy I am?* I'll post more later when I have time!

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