Monday, September 28, 2009


Ok first I have to say that for anyone following any of my stories on, please note that they are all on a temp hiatus. I believe Redeemer will be the first to be updated then Titans. If I had a beta things would be moving along faster, not to say lil bro that you aren't wonderful, I would just like more than my eyes to see a draft before it gets posted. So as I've posted frequently anyone remotely interested please drop me a line, I promise I don't bite unless you pay me.... and only Lex Luther or Seto Kaiba is rolling in that sorta cash... probably literally rolling too... o.O

Ok for anyone who knows me you all know I'm an avid warcrafter, and anyone who doesn't, well you can read my tweets (90% are about in game something or something related to Blizzards virtual crack). And yes I have to rant about my addiction for a moment. I don't mind Blizz forgetting to add the range into my Kill Shot and fixing it with a patch, hell I'm not over the Worgen debacle

but I'm getting there. But I am just getting this funny vibe that I'm getting another nerf. And I don't like it. I'm finally equal with the other classes; I mean you don't want your hunters to powerful (Hunter tanks for the win!! Let’s do it again Nellith!!) but at the same time, I ran HoL last night. I'm not Uldar geared but I have at least the best stuff normal Heroics will get me, I came out bottom of recount. And I wouldn’t have been upset if Nellith or Arisperel or one of my guildies was there who runs ToC or something of that sort. But no, I know it was the Shammy's first run though HoL (he did get the achievement for Northrend Dungeonmaster but still...) I'm talking I epic failed. I know I have some lag because of my connection but that was retarded... I know one of my guildies says that recount isn't accurate because I can throw out damage faster then it can keep track, but still! ... Have a CoS run scheduled for tonight we'll see how that goes...

 Boondock Saints 2. I can't decide if I'm going to flip out or pass out. I knew about the sequel for a week or so now but just caught the trailer. Hopefully it’s not quite as pathetic as the trailer is making it look, I mean the first was freaking awesome... Like I have hoodies and tee shirts with their stuff on it awesome. Course part of the reason I loved it wasn't because it was a couple of Catholic Irish boys (hmm save the gender sound familiar?) going vigilante it was the fact that a lot of people didn't know about it, I'm afraid Hollywood is going to try to cash in on a good thing it should just leave alone.

Edit: pic of Euriela (Eitrigg-Alliance) and her Worgen added.


The Toad Sage said...

Thats what bugs me sometimes...hollywood ruins a ton of stuff. At the same time if you get it into someone with the right hands AND they have good intentions something good can come out of it.

KC said...

Yea, I hear ya, I just watched that trailer and kinda got squeemish... will it phase me from seeing the midnight release? Hell no.

The Toad Sage said...

haha That is so true.
I am going to see the cowboy bebop movie despite it being sucky or really good. Ill be damned if it gets in the way of my fanboyism.