Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on Yesterdays Post

Pics of Euri and her Worgen were added ^_^  Oh the memories.  ... pardon me while I go cry in the corner for a minute ... ok I'll put on a brave face and continue.  Ran CoS last night.  We had is scheduled for the rogue of our guild as she had never run it and I kinda wanted to help her get a flyer (she would be so psyched if she did it would amuse me to listen to... we'll get it for you Sylvane!  I promise!  The Baren's horse too!)  But it had a few hiccups... mainly Sylvane wasn't able to log due to some compy issues so as it was the H Daily Del and I did it.  But who I ran it with isn't the concern, its my dps that's the concern.  We did have another hunter in the group (silly dwarves, LoS issues is all they're for!) and as no one threw up recount I'm not sure how I did but I'm damn sure I wasn't last.  I know dropping that explosive trap every 10 ft had to help... ok it wasn't quite that bad but it amuses me to do that and watch them all die.  ... Volley takes to long to kill them... anyway.  What amused me about this run was not the stupid tank who tried to race though it, ok off topic a sec.  Anyone else having problems with tanks doing that?  Pali tanks specifically.  I've had a couple in non-timed runs, just fly though it where I had to keep Viper on half the time and the healer had to throw a fit just to get mana.  Slow down ppl its not a race!  Unless its timed... so I suppose he was ok last night, but he was pushing a little to hard... I mean he got himself killed cause he aggroed such a mob Del couldn't outheal the damage he was taking.  Which says something cause Del is a fucking awesome healer.  Ok back on topic, what amused me about last nights run was the fact... I didn't die. The whole group did... twice in fact.. but not me.  Oh no, I'm the hunter you want in your group.  See I'm one who understands when to use their feign death, and how to use their Gnomish Army Knife.  Oh yea, out of combat, rez healer, ppl love me.  ^_^ I'd do it more but the damn thing has such a CD on it.  And that in itself amused me.  Ok Mr. Tank go keep aggro, oh what even with my misdirection you couldn't?, oh you suck... oh shit, no no no mob go away go away, leave Delfinae alone!, screw this, Feign Death.  Yea that was the train of thought. 
But here's something I don't get.  The other hunter was all about his dps, and obviously I am too, but protect your healer! I had a palidan back in the BC days, she had a funny spec.  Ret/Holy.  But she wasn't a bad off healer and a decent off tank.  She needed the gear to heal better, but she could heal.  And I'll be damned if I didn't die more when I was healing then when I was off-tanking!  Which makes no sense because logically the healer shouldn't be taking damage.  And no before you say anything it wasn't because I coudln't keep my tank healed, it was because the tank couldn't get aggro before the dps started wailing on shit.  Or they wouldn't all target the same thing.  It always annoys me when tanks mark stuff in Heroics but it usually seems to go better if they do.  Its not the hard to figure out, no heals=die.  So protect heals=live.  Ok, done with the Warcraft speech for the moment. 
I can't say I know much, going to go home and see if I can figure out why the Linksys routers aren't cooperating with the WildBlue satellite.  I really need to straighten my room but I don't want to.  It bothers me its a mess but I don't want to do anything about it, lazyness yes!  That's what being a ninja is all about! 
Anyone else psyched about the Assassin's Creed psp coming out?  Yes of course you are.  You all have preorders just like me.  Anyone know if it's like the God of War edition and have Altair's face on the back?  Part of me wants that the other part doens't care as I've already bought a skin for it ...

Yes I know its a nearly naked girl.  No it doesn't bother me.  Acutally I think the art is wicked.  But oh, what's that you want the second ps3 game?  Well yes I want that too... Need a ps3 first.  ... I belive I know what I want for Christmas. 
Ok speaking of Christmas I already had decided what I'm getting for myself.  Asus G51Vx-A1 Pretty isn't it?  Its the precious.  ^_^ Now I really don't like the pricetag on it but I refuse to get a laptop larger then a 15.6 and I refuse to not have the newest Nvidia.  Yes I know, I should get a 17" and not have to pay as much, but I'm sorry.  I hike, I camp.  I want to play WoW on the go, and although I can climb a 50ft rock face like Spidy I'm not strong for the long haul.  And my mothers laptop is a 17".  Yes its cool cause its large but its so freaking heavy!  Not to mention it takes up so much room!  I want something light and compact but still has all the goodies.  Anyone who finds something better let me know as I don't completly have my heart set on an Asus, but I haven't found anything better and I've tried building at Dell and HP.