Wednesday, September 30, 2009

costume ramble

OK first off I have to vent for a moment.  Just skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to read it.  I’m going to beat the boy I’m dating.  Period.  I can understand him being mad at me last week because their was a rumor going around that I was cheating on him with a mutual friend.  While it’s true we went out after work one night, it was simply to vent and get something to eat.  Nothing intended, just pure going out as friends.  I can understand how it would make him mad because he has it in his head that theirs something going on between us already, and the fact that I neglected to tell him (with the idea that it would avoid the very fight we had) only made it look worse.  But that’s not the problem today; I can handle someone being mad at me.  Today he’s trying to lay a guilt trip on me to come and see him.  For anyone who follows my Twitter then you already know that I’m working almost two weeks straight.  I have to make it until Saturday and I’m finally off, so obviously when I get home, I want to relax.  I don’t want to change close, redo my makeup and drive an hour just so I can spend two or three hours with him before I have to head back home.  Of course he’s off for the next how many because he’s going out of town and is complaining that he won’t get to see me for another week blah blah blah.  Don’t get me wrong I want to see him, but I’m tired, and it’s not worth the gas or the miles on my Jeep to drive there for that much time.  If I had gotten off work early like I did yesterday then I probably would have but today we got a truck so I stayed till close trying to work out as much freight as I could.  Sorry.  I told him not to count on anything, I knew we were supposed to be getting freight today but as we always have about 4 or 5 b/l’s out at a time we don’t know if what we’re receiving till we tear open the boxes and start marking items off.  I couldn’t make any promises but I suppose he understood ‘maybe’ and ‘I’ll call you when I’m off’ as ‘yes of course darling I’ll leave my new job early just because your heading out of town and I should have to take the cut in pay and drive the extra miles.’  Pardon me for having a job. 
--Ok on to other things.  I have decided on my Halloween costume.  Drumroll please.  I’m going to be…. Another variation on my steampunk costume.  Anyone familiar with my original fic Peregrinor then you know Euan.  And anyone who knows me very well knows I did a version of Euan’s outfit for the last anime con I went to.  For anyone not in the know I’ll try to dredge up some pics.  Seems to me, Hold that thought UPS at the door…WOOT got my stuff from Lush, was wondering where it was.  Ok where was I, oh yes pics for that outfit are few and far between, it was the first night of the con, we got lost going there, and the person I was with wasn’t to familiar with my camera.  Not to mention you have to have surgical precision to use it, I don’t have any problems with shaking but apparently other people do.  Atm I can’t find any but I know we took a couple, because I was freezing my ass off and he was all ‘wait, wait hold that pose, hang on still shaky, no hang on again’ and I was all ‘I can’t stand still I’m to fucking cold!! Can we do this inside?  I feel exposed but I’m wearing pants ...’ Yes that last part went though my head a lot that night.  Skin tight dressage pants.  I looked great in them but I felt naked.  I’ll up a few pics of what I have done of the costume in a bit.  Need to charge the camera -_-“
Ok while I’m on the costume kick, anyone up for Anime STL 2010?  I want to go and I don’t.  I don’t want to take the bf because he obviously didn’t want to be there and he had no idea what was going on, and what I found funny he didn’t get.  Obviously lil bro and I will try to go together, last year he had work issues (then when I mentioned the bf that was a deal breaker) but I’d like to do a group cosplay as I’ve never really done one.  Last year for Halloween a couple of us all did Batman, I did Poison Ivy (gallery one, gallery two) one of the other girls was Batgirl, and we had a Joker and Robin.  That was fun but we didn’t do anything.  Sure we had people over and drank but its different going to a Con and having a group to roam the halls with and hang out with.  That and this year I want to have a room at the hotel, none of this staying with a friend up there and driving back and forth.  I want to be able to go to the dance at night, walk to my room, get a decent amount of sleep before the first panel I want to go to in the morning.  And have time to get into full costume.  Which trust me, takes awhile.  If anyone has any ideas or is interested let me know, we still have plenty of time to get something going.