Friday, October 2, 2009

Just a Short Post

I had an interesting dream last night.  Unusual that I remembered it, back in high school and even college I could remember my dreams 4 or 5 nights a week, the past couple of years however I haven’t.  Part of it is I quit training myself to try and remember and then I didn’t write down what I did dream so even if I did remember when I first work up I lost it in an hour.  They say that you loose over half of it in the first 10 minutes your awake.  But hey I remember parts of this one, and thought I’d share part of my twisted brain.

I don’t remember what the dream was about but the first thing I remember was sitting on some guys lap (no not the bf, someone I’ve never seen before but I got the feeling he was an old acquaintance) we were talking, I think he was flirting but I was just way to fascinated by his tattoo.  Not that tattoo’s do it for me, but the ink on this one was … iridescent.  He had a cheetah print up the left side of his neck, from kinda in front of his ear and I’m guessing out to his shoulder.  The spots were in black but they were outlined in this silver color changing stuff.  It was fascinating to look at.  It changed color the way the light hit it, and because of that it made them look like they could move.  I could go into some detail describing him because I remember spending a lot of time staring at his face while he was talking about whatever trying to place him.  Because during the dream I knew him but he looked different then how I remembered the person.  Ok that totally didn’t make any sense.  It was like I knew him when I was a kid or something, and its always interesting to me to see how someone grows up and changes, it was something like that, but at the same time this was like someone who had gotten a lot better looking then what you ever could of imagined… that still falls short of what I’m trying to say but I’m tired so I’m going to leave it at that.  The next thing I remember was being at work and seeing him walking across the park toward the shop.  I don’t know why but I went out to talk to him.  I just remember that it seemed like it was springtime because it was very green out, and the stuff now is about ½ dead… and the car lot that exists near us was gone… I don’t remember what we talked about but it was something important.  Anyway it didn’t make much sense to me but thought the tattoo thing was a neat idea and that I’d share…