Monday, October 5, 2009

Lions, Tigers, Zombies, Oh YEA!

Went to see this with my brother Sat, and omg. Does laughing so hard a was crying and at one point nearly falling out of my seat give you any idea? Of course we spent about 1/2 of the movie going O.O that's us!! Door checking zombies, arguing over zombie kill of the week, and "come 'ere ya spongy yellow bastard!" ... in reference to a Twinkie. Oh yea right up my alley. Totally a 5/5 I'm up for seeing it again only because I know I missed so much when I was laughing. And of course a new raid/heroic charge has now been added to our list of shit to yell before we kill something. "Its time to nut up, or shut up." When's the zombie apocalypse and where do I sign up?