Wednesday, October 14, 2009


First off I have to share this amazing violinist I found on youtube, and if all goes well hopefully I will be able to see him play next week Wed. First one is his interpration of a classic piece (one of my favorites) the second one gives me the chills, and the third is his cover of AC/DC's Thunderstruck. Yea, you read that right. He has so many that are excellent it was hard for me to pick just these few.

And not only is he talented he's not bad on the eyes. ^_^

Ok, I said I had pretties, and well if you've followed my other blog you know how I like to put teasers of any fanfiction I'm starting on here. (I'm a stats whore, I know.) But I'm just getting this started so let me know what you think.
Its set a few years after the end of the Batman Beyond series... I don't think I'm going to give you much more background then that. As always i'm implying no ownership of the DC's characters, original characters and plot are mine however, please ask my permission to repost or use either. Thank you!

It was fall in Gotham and that meant one thing. Foul weather. Lighting crackled across the heavens illuminating the skyline like fireworks. Ice water fell from the brooding sky in torrents, soaking everything and chilling anyone stupid enough to be outside to the bone. The drop in temperature had come early this year, daytime highs were in the sixties and nighttime lows were bordering on freezing. And then their was the unending rain. Gutters ran over, roads and small streams flooded. People wondered why the flood drains were so deep; it was solely for this time of year. This frozen hell was the kind of weather that made even the criminals stay in their holes. It was the kind of night Terry would have loved.
Would have. Back when the suit was new to him he would have relished the chance to ‘play’. New had been five years ago, he had long since learned the limits of his suit. Of course it also would have meant a short night for the Gothamite, and maybe the chance to see Dana. Not anymore. All it meant now was that he was going to spend his Saturday night listening in on the police frequencies and having to hear old man Wayne snore over the com. He gave a slight huff, and began contemplating how low it would take for the Batmobile to ice over. For a man of Bruce’s age he was in amazing shape, and he could still best Terry anytime he wished, but on slow nights like this, his age tended to get the better of him. Not that Terry didn’t have the same idea, and come three-thirty or four and all was well, he was going to retire early. But when you were Batman, things rarely went according to plan.
If it was because of the weather or act of Providence, at presciently four in the morning Terry found himself parking in the Batcave. Bruce was still dead to the world, Ace sat by his side silently guarding his aged master. The monotone drabble of the city’s finest kepting them both company.
“I’m back Mr. Wayne.” He stirred in his chair. The light from the monitors cast an eerie glow on the main control room. Apparently Bruce had fallen asleep earlier then Terry remembered, or maybe he was trying to save power by keeping the lights off. “I’m heading to my room to get some shut eye. I’m supposed to meet my Mom for lunch tomorrow.” Bruce gave an approving nod. “I figure I’ll be back early in the afternoon, did you get the chance to look at that essay for my lit class?” College had been the next logical step after high school, and with a recommendation from Bruce Wayne himself, and a free ride from him too, how could he say no? Never mind he got his own private tutor who could probably school any of his teachers on any subject.
“Yes I made a few corrections; I’ll go over it with you when you get back in.” The twenty-three year old nodded. He was a little older than his classmates, he was on the six year plan as he called it. But while the hours of high school he hadn’t been able to work around, college had worked well with his nighttime occupation. And if anyone asked, he always could say that he spend most of his time helping Mr. Wayne and couldn’t very well take a full load of classes and do that.

The ancient tome had come at a quarter the price she had expected to pay at the auction. The people with money seemed for focused on buying ‘relics’ and rubble then something of any value. Of course to them the book was useless. Time had done its worst on the small leather bound volume. The cover was cut and distressed hardly recognizable as leather, the pages it contained were nearly coming out of the binding, and the ink had nearly faded to the point it was debatable if the book had ever held any information. The entire manuscript had been severely damaged by water, but for someone of her particular talent, it was completely salvageable.
The winner of the auction, a young dark haired thing, put the item into a simple backpack and headed for the auction house door. The bag clashed horribly with her outfit. The auction had been a black tie affair, and her dress had been suitable but the bag was out of place for something so upscale. Most of the other guests were enjoying the gala in the main auditorium, she had opted to get to work restoring the book as soon as she could and forgo the merrymaking. A car was quickly called for her by one of the doormen and she slid into the back of the nondescript black car.