Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Been a long time since I posted here, I used for awhile, and they did something that irked me so I opted to quit and return to a blog that I had always liked but not used as much as I should. Of course don’t expect monumental updates here, my Twitter feed will obviously change frequently, but my fan fiction and original fiction are where I tend to spend most of my time updating. When I’m not WarCrafting of course.

Speaking of WarCrack I’m not sure what to think of the new announcement of the Cataclysm expansion. I like the idea of changing the world, and flying mounts in Azaroth, but I don’t like them saying that they are going to change the starting areas. I want my low lvls to run though Darkshore the way they always have. It would be cool if my 80 went back there and the world was different for her, just leave it the same till you 60 or something. Something like how they did Icecrown and the Death Knight starting area. If you hadn’t done the quest to change something then it was one way to one player and a different to another. And how dare they even joke about changing the Barrens, the noobs won’t understand the Barrens Chat joke now. Poor things.

Normally this is when I would shamelessly promote one of my stories by giving you a teaser, but truth is, if I did that now then it wouldn’t make any real sense, so I’ll just shamelessly promote my own fiction. You can find my work at either Fictionpress or FanFiction and searching for the author Tzimisce. Please R&R if you can, I love opinions… and am still in desperate need of a beta. Anyone that is interested can contact me via either account I just listed or though my blog.