Monday, March 15, 2010

KawaKon Review (Friday)

Ok a quick impression of the weekend overall before I get going. It was... well I'm torn on how to describe it. I both enjoyed it and was rather discouraged by it. I enjoyed the time with Pip, the time away from the house, and the chance to wear some of the costumes that I've worked so long and hard on. But I didn't see the same quality of costumes I saw in previous years, and in all honesty I was bored. Yes I know I had a laundry list of things I wanted to do when I was there, but things came up and they didn't happen or we poked our heads into the panel room and went 'no way we're going in there!' But as unbiased as I can I'll walk you though my three days at the con. I started writing this as one post for all three days but after getting about half way though Friday, I thought it would be easier to read if I separated them out. And one other note, I will be doing a mass of different blog entires in the upcoming days, I could throw them all into one entry but they are separate rants or separate ideas and each deserves its own post. As for pictures, those will be forthcoming. I haven't started editing yet and the pictures we took on day one are on a different memory card which is still in Pip's care. Ok that said, here goes.

Pip arrived at my place probably about 9:30 Friday morning, I had to finish getting packed and gathering up the quick fix sewing kit just in case. I think we arrived in StL about noon, one pm somewhere in that range. We met a friend at one of the malls up there, walked around (I got more at Lush ^_^), ate, caught up. It was nice to see him again, I didn't even recognize him, he's letting his hair grow out some. I was still expecting the 'Tal shave my head' guy. (Don't ask, he was drunk, it was hilarious, yes I did it and yes his wife was pissed.) So we got to the hotel probably close to 4, checked in and it took us probably two or three trips to get all of our stuff in. Funny thing was we didn't really over pack we used most everything we took. I had one duffel that had five wig heads in it. Another that had all of Kusanagi and Seras's weaponry. A backpack that held all of the convention info, random stuff that I take (tide to-go pens, ibuprofen, etc) and a pair of shoes. I had a rolling bag that had my clothes and makeup in it, then my costumes were on hangers. Sounds like a lot, I think I'm going to either invest in a larger rolling bag or something. I mean that means its heavier but less trips... Ok I'm off topic.
He was going to wear Tuxedo Mask Friday night but even with me working on it all day the day before it wasn't quite 100% and he opted to let me finish it rather then put hasty seams in it and he wore Pip. So after a couple tweaks to the Codename Sailor V's costume we headed out to get badges. Last year when I went I remember the lines being a bit confusing as to where the line started and people just hanging out were. We didn't have as much problem this year, but it took awhile to get our badges even though we were pre-redged because the volunteer conveniently was taking care of the people who were buying them on the spot rather then turning around and seeing us. And I'm sorry I have no mercy for that, their were two of them back there, one could work one side of the counter and the other could do the other side. And if their was no one in the pre-redged line then she could help out on the other side. Maybe I've worked retail for to long, but you take care of the people who have paid you before you take care of the people who haven't. But it didn't seem to faze Pip so maybe I was just slightly anxious to get out and see what was going on, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize someone is standing under the pre-reg banner and to get their name and grab a badge for them. Especially when they are pre-printed and labeled you just have to check a name off and grab them out of a box. Ok I'll quit ranting and move on.
Pip and I went to KawaKon a few years ago but that was at a different venue, and although I went last year I was hoping things would have been laid out differently. I was disappointed. I hated having to walk through the lobby to get anywhere. I can only blame KawaKon for picking that venue, it was the designer for the place that deserves my wrath. I understand that they probably didn't design it with a full blown convention in mind, just for meetings and such and the layout for something like that, works. But the hallway to the dealers room was again horribly congested. Someone in the KawaKon staff should have been sent out on routine patrols to tell people to QUIT SITTING in the halls there. You had to wait for the line of people leaving the dealers/artists room before you could go in. Not only that they had overflow tables set up in the atrium so people were stopping there, so it was constant people dodging. It was a pet peeve of mine last year and was this year as well. I've been to other cons, with the same size dealers rooms and more people yet we didn't have that problem. The convention staff didn't let people loiter in high traffic areas. >.< And I know they were in limited space but it seemed like if they had picked a larger venue then they could have had more artist and more dealers because personally I don't usually give a rip about the guests and when their isn't a panel I want to go to then where do I go? I'm not trying to bash here, and maybe I just have different priorities then the other con goers. But cons generally mean two things to me. Dealers and Pictures. I want to look and see if their is anything I didn't know I had managed to live without, and I want a lot of interesting places for pictures. I'll get to the pictures rant at another time.
So we meandered around, unfortunately the dealers room closed a 6 (another boo) so until the VK Ball we were a bit lost as to what to do. Of course I was in my Codename Sailor V and spend a lot of time flashing her 'peace' pose. And we did some pictures in that time. I know I had said I was going to make a special dress for V for the formal, but I just ran out of time. Hopefully I can get it done for pictures at some point. I had to touch up my makeup so while we were in the room he got the idea of doing a 'formal' Pip. So Pip's khaki pants, boots, holsters... with a tuxedo shirt. Strangly, it worked. I'm trying to figure out how to get pictures of it... Anyway we arrived a bit late (15 or so) to the VK Ball and missed them entering *sob* But I did manage to get Pip to dance with me some, and a pro photographer pulled me aside for a few pictures, which made me really happy. Kinda made all that work worth it ya know? I'm not trying to say I don't like Pip's pictures, I like having a photographer I know and can work with in multiple settings that I am comfortable with coming up and fixing my hair or telling me how to adjust my pose, just that a pro wanted it .... I think that is one of the first times a pro has asked me for a picture. I was told that at my request they were going to play a tango for us, so I dunno if we missed it or didn't stay late enough. But my feet were beginning to hurt and knowing I was going to be in heels the next two days we decided to duck out. And I'm not so sure it wasn't a combination of the shoes and the lack of sleep. For about a week now I've only gotten about 4 hours a night beause I'm working on something. that and I had a bottle of wine in the room as a thank you from Pip for all the time I've put into his costumes.
All in all it was a fun day. Since everything was new to us we had fun, and not to many complaints. I overlooked the lack of good costuming (save the VK people which were everywhere) just because a lot more people tend to show up on Saturday then Friday.