Monday, March 22, 2010

KawaKon Review (Sunday)

Alright, sorry about the delay in posting, guild weekend and all, I may have been at a computer but I was otherwise occupied, I'll get to my weekend later, first I'm going to finish the KawaKon reviews. And I am going to make a separate post about the masquerade, I'm currently working on it, so I haven't forgotten.

So we got up a little later then we should have Sunday, but we were scheduled for a photo shoot at 10 which meant we had to get our shit together and get checked out and get into costume. I know checkout was 12 but we figured we could get it all done so we could just leave when we got bored... or more likely when the calling for IHOP got to strong. (I will try to remember the whole IHOP obsession later in the post.) We failed at getting checked out but we figured the person we were supposed to meet would understand if the photo shoot ran long cause they would need to checkout too, and if so inclined then we could resume after we were all done with that. So I think it was about 10:20 when we got to the lobby. Now mind you none of my costumes had I gotten the chance to wear, so I may have tried on pieces but I'd never seen it all together until I got it on. And let me tell you, their is a draft in Seras's skirt. Yes, you read that right. V's skirt wasn't that bad. I think I'm going to tweak it a bit before OMGCon, I need to work on the collar of the shirt anyway.
But we got down to where we were supposed to meet and couldn't find who we were looking for, we figured since we were late that we missed them and they were in the dealer's room or a panel or someplace. Well we, or well I, had plans to glomp Alucard all the while screaming "MASTER!!" .... only to find no Alucard. We were supposed to have an Integra too. Only we couldn't find them. I pouted awhile. I found out when I got in that night... or well Monday morning that some things had come up and kept them from meeting us. She was at least nice enough to pm me about it, but I was still kinda sad, we're going to try to do a shoot later, but I don't know when Pip and I will have time off again where we can do something like that.
But not finding Alucard we wondered around the con some, he bought a knife and had the Hellsing crest engraved on it. It doesn't look bad, I think in pictures it will be really neat, up close its not bad, and considering the girl free handed it its nice. I think I'm going to contact her about engraving a couple of Hawkeye's arrows. Just for pictures. I think a shot of me going to shoot, and having the camera focused on the arrow then seeing "Hawkeye" or something written on the arrow would be cool. I'm afraid it may effect its flight though, I may buy one extra for it or something. Leave it blunted so I can use it for photos. Unno, we'll see. Cliff maybe able to do it for me so I won't have to send it to her. But we bought some other stuff, I'll post pics on flickr once I get all of them edited. (I'm though Kusanagi and about a 1/4 of Seras atm, just got V's from Pip this weekend.) He got a pic of Optimus Prime, it looks really neat, and its the original art, not from the movie. Then from the same vendor we got some badges, two Repo! ones and one of someone in a Gir hoodie holding Gir. It's cute, we're going to take it to InvaderCon next year. I love my Repo! one, shows Graverobber holding the Zydrate gun and across the top it says Zydrate and next to him near the bottom is says "Comes in a littel glass vial". And its good artwork on all of them. And since we bought Sunday we got a deal on it. ^_^ We thought about getting some tee's, if we hadn't been starving then I would have gotten a pic in my Seras costume with the "Team Alucard" shirt.. I may see if I can find it online, it could make for a fun prop in a photo shoot. But other then that it was a rather slow day there, at least to me. I know Pip and I were two of the oldest there, but we were some of the only people in costume, and awake and not zombiefied and we got maybe 3 or 4 hours of sleep.
We got our shit together and checked out. I think it took like 4 or 5 trips to get it all out, it took us less to get it in, strange. Anyway once we got the car repacked we did a quick photo shoot in the parking garage, we stopped when I started shivering, it was cold and misty, and although the overcast worked great for Seras, I can't tolerate the cold that long, especially in such a short skirt. We did get a couple of neat candid photos, I ran back in after we were done with pictures to get my jeans on, so think Seras's top with jeans, came off really neat.
After that we headed to IHOP, only to be thwarted by the lack of parking. I swear that was the most jacked up IHOP I've ever seen. People were parking illegally to get into it. So we said fuck that, and found another one on the gps and went there. Now I got some funny looks going in because Pip took off his jacket and was just in his green shirt and khaki's. But I refused to take off my wig because I knew my hair was a mess because it wasn't 100% dry when I pulled it up in the wig cap. Being a blonde was kinda fun. And the waitress complimented my eyes (the orange contacts). And side note here, I used fixodent to hold my fangs in. And OMG I wish I would have done that years ago. They were so sturdy and held so well. I wasn't slurring in my speech because I was afraid I was going to loose my fangs or anything. It was definitely worth the 3+ minutes it took to set. I think I'm going to get some sort of paint or something for them before OMGCon though, they were to yellow to match my teeth. In pictures they look fine but if you were next to me they weren't so believable.
I don't know what time we got back to town that night, I know I wasn't crawling into bed till after 1 that morning. And I'm still not unpacked. All in all it was a fun weekend. The quality of costumes didn't seem to be on par with what was there last year. And the crowd was younger, or maybe I'm just getting older and pickier. Don't get me wrong their was some nice stuff there, but nothing sent me, none of my fav characters or anything. So if you're looking at my flickr and don't notice a lot of pictures of other characters, we weren't that egotistical we just didn't see a lot that wow'ed us. A lot of VK people and I'm sure those costumes are a pain to make, but you see one and you've seen them all. I think that's part of the reason I pick unusual characters, is just to be the only one. That said I don't know if we will be returning next year. We may check out animestl, or maybe or Memphis con. Depends. We didn't care for the venue and none of the panels really interested us, and since their was a very limited area to do pictures we had a lot of down time where we were just like umm.... what do we do now?
Ok I said I would explain the IHOP thing. You see we *gasp* live in a town with no IHOP. Now to most of you that doesn't seem like a big thing. But you try it, just a Denny's and a Huddle House. I'm sorry but I have never been desperate enough to go to Denny's and I have been to Huddle House once, they weren't bad, but they don't compare. So when I found that their was an IHOP less then 1/2 a mile from the hotel you better damn well believe that we were going. Of course we only went once and we never made it to Bellachino's but oh well, that's for another trip.