Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quick note

I have started on Hawkeye a bit.  Her wig arrived yesterday (pictures available here) and I just got an email saying her earrings were about to ship out.  I ordered the latex earlier in the week and it should be here late this week or early next.  ^_^  It makes me happy when a costume starts to take shape, especially one that I've wanted to make for sometime.  I want to commission her arrows this week but I may have to wait till next, we're having a shopping day at work (no tax and 30% off) so I'm going to stock up on some summer stuff.  Hopefully I can find a swimsuit that I can use for Ivy... not that I really need much of a top, a bottom is more important.  I was just going to tape the top on... I may use strings we'll see.  Either way I need it before the local con.  Not that their is that much fabric to cover in ivy... hell I probably have enough left over from the last Ivy I made.  I will need shoes though... >.< always something. 
I do have another costume to note, we're doing a special photoshoot at D*C, a pin-up version of our favorite hero's and heroines.  I asked who they would like me to be (because I doubed anyone but Avengers fans would know Hawkeye) and after a bit of a debate they decided they would like me to be *drumroll* Lois Lane.  Yea I know kinda odd right?  I don't look anything like her really, or I don't think so.  But the wig I used for Spectre will get to be re-used again.  I have a red robe type thingie I'm wearing and blue undies and blue shoes.  And I'm going to ninja one of the guys (or girls) superman capes.  Alright I know most of you are sitting there confused asking yourself, 'Doesn't she hate Superman?' No I don't hate Superman.  I'm just not that big of a fan.  The reason I kinda liked the idea was because it was something that Lois wouldn't do.  I mean would serious Lois Lane pose for a pin up?  Hell no.  ^_^ Yea, kinda out of character for me but I think it will be fun.  And I think I'm going to swap into Ivy for a bit, we'll have two Ivy's but that could be a really fun shoot and a really neat set of pictures.