Monday, March 15, 2010

KawaKon Review (Saturday)

Alright warning you now, this is going to be a beast of a post, I may split it into two.  Most of the conventions stuff happened this day, so here goes.
We had planned on getting up at a decent time and running to IHOP for breakfast, that didn't happen.  I'm not quite sure what time we rolled out of bed, noon-ish?  Something like that.  Part of it was due to going to bed at 3 am, part of it (for me) was just lack of sleep for so many days in a row.  And I know Pip worked Thursday night and slept on the way up to the con, then was a trooper during the con.  I kinda feel bad about it. 
But costume wise this this was Kusanagi's day.  And I hadn't even got to try her top on, so I was somewhat worried about it.  Especially when my mother (the seamstress, the lady who taught me how to sew, the one who tells me how to fix whatever I'm having trouble with) told me it wasn't going to meet in the back in certain places.  I was worried but I had to seam it together anyway.  Now see why I was concerned?  Especially when I had spent how much on the wig, hunting for sunglasses, etc.  Now remember all those things I told you about my mother?  Throw them out the window.  Because when I slid that half corset thing over my head guess what I found?  It was way to loose.  After finding this out (and the fact that I didn't like the look of the seam anyway) I decided I was going to have to remake it anyway for OMGCon to do the 1st GIG outfit so I told Pip to just grab the fabric glue and fold it over in the back and pull it tight.  Even doing that I had to spirit gum it to part of my chest to keep it from feeling like it was just going to drop off me.  >.<  Thankfully we had no wardrobe malfunctions.  I think I'm going to remake the top out of spandex this time, I have leftover from V and that way it will just stretch and hug me tight. 
Now here's where the disappointment begins.  Their was supposed to be a meet up.  I told them on the boards (since I was going to be the one spearheading it) just to look for the girl in the purple wig and to meet in the lobby near the piano.  A very obvious place but out of the flow of traffic.  I noticed that when we got our badges that I didn't see a list of photo shoots, but I figured that they were there and I didn't see them as their was a table behind the registration desk with various paperwork on it.  If people showed up, they never said anything to me.  Maybe I should have made a sign.  It irked me, especially when a couple people were all omg yes I'll be there but maybe I'm expecting to much.  We hung around there for a bit and as we had gotten up late and were without IHOP we voted to go eat the the hotel restaurant. 
Now ate there the night before.  Just grabbed some appetizers since we were really just thirsty and the service had been great.  This time it sucked.  We were seated and waited, well when Pip finally got up to find the manager it had been over 10 min.  I timed it.  I was rather proud of him, he's known for his... how do I put this eloquently?  Well he can have one hell of a foul mouth or he can be scathing without having any need for colorful language.  So when he got up, I kinda swallowed hard and prepped for the worst.  All he did was find the manager and ask if the table had a server, cause we'd been sitting for close to 15 minutes and no one had even come to take our drink order.  After that we had multiple server come by and ask if we needed anything.  And subsequently when we went there later for dessert we had no problem with the service.  And when I say we were there fifteen minutes I'm not exaggerating.  People had come in after us, and had not only gotten their drinks but their FOOD as well. 
After we got done with lunch it was time for the Osuwa Taiko performance.  We missed the opening but I really, really, enjoyed it.  Which made me forget about the bad service and the lack of people showing up, which in retrospective I think was due no flyer or anything promoting it.  And before you tell me shame on not making one, I was told that all posts in a forum dating a time and place would be printed and handed out when people registered.  Maybe I'm pushing the blame off on someone else.  It still bothers me.  Alright back to the performance.  As most of you probably don't know I played percussion for 5 years.  I didn't get to do as much with the drums the last few years as I would have liked as out of the eight in the band only two of us could read notes.  I was thrown on bells 90% of the time and the timpani the rest.  So this was really a treat to me.  And a lot of the performers were female, which was even more cool because in school I was the only girl.  (Told you I've always been one of the boys!)  After that we drug out my weaponry (since the hotel staff had asked that no weapons be on display in the lobby, which caused me to wonder how the hell I was supposed to get around cause that's the central area but I digress) and did a Kusanagi photo shoot.  I don't remember if the masquerade came next or if this was when we went for dessert.  Either way the Masquerade was the next thing of importance that happened.
And I think I will leave the Masquerade for its own post.  I have a lot to say on the topic, both good and bad.  And know I'll get sidetracked.  I will say I walked out at halftime and didn't go back.  I think we did more pictures somewhere in here (I have two different sets on the memory card at least) and the next thing was the Rave.
This, of course, required its own costume, so I had to change.  I can't wait to post pictures of my makeup for that costume.  My eyeshadow was really neat.  And I was mistaken for someone from the anime Spirit Wolf.  I haven't seen it, I'll probably google it later just so I can see what someone thought I was.  The DJ's were good, and they did some neat remixes.  The Mario theme they did was really cool though I bet less then 20 people in the room remembered the original game.  And speaking of the room let me tell you another gripe of mine, and this was partially why we left about 3/4 of the way though it.  It was HOT.  Now mind you I'm cold natured.  I survived an entire costume made of PVC for eight hours.  I know when a dance floor is to hot.  You know people are going to be in there, cramped, crowded, and bouncing around why wouldn't you kick the a/c on?  It was noticeable when you started down the steps, and bad when you hit the room.  Of course rumor has it that it was closed down early.  Since I wasn't there I can't attest for that, I just saw something on the forum's today about it.
But after that little adventure we headed to bed, knowing full well with the time change and the 10am photo shoot that we were going to have to be up at the crack of dawn to get up, dressed, eat, and get checked out.